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You might have traveled to Goa from Mumbai for business or pleasure purposes via rail, road, or air route. What about taking a new mode of transport to this holiday destination from Mumbai? Yes, the much-awaited Mumbai to Goa cruise has finally started. All you need to do is book a ticket for the Angriya cruise, the first-ever domestic cruise company. Taking this Mumbai to Goa cruise is a lifetime experience. You can enjoy a premium international-style experience with the Angriya cruise. The pride and happiness that you will feel with one of these best premium cruises in India will get embedded in your mind and heart forever. You will surely create several memorable stories with this spell-binding voyage to cherish for a lifetime.

About Angriya Cruise Liner

Angriya is a domestic cruise liner that owns and operates the namesake commercial passenger ship. Angriya, the luxurious cruise liner is registered with DG shipping of India and is the first Class 4 RSVP (River Sea Passenger Vessel). The cruise service has been started in association with the Mumbai Port Trust and Angriya Sea Eagle Pvt. Ltd. The ship is built in Japan with seven luxurious decks and several other facilities to offer passengers a unique sailing experience. It is 131-meter long and 120-meter wide with a capacity to carry 400 passengers. Due to its sheer size, the ship is also called the Indian Titanic. It is named after the first admiral of the Maratha Navy—Sarkhel Kanhoji Angre, also known as the Shivaji of the India Sea. It is built to travel at a speed of 25 knots. Packed with international-standard safety features, the ship is equipped to handle any kind of emergency in the sea. To ensure your safety and comfort 24×7, the ship sails with 85 crew members comprising 25 marine personnel and 60 hospitality personnel.

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Enchanting Facilities of Angriya

Angriya is the first of its kind ship built to take sea voyage experience several notches higher. The ship has all the amenities and facilities that you can find on an international passenger ship. If you're planning a wedding, honeymoon, or vacation, the Angriya cruise will make your journey memorable. The ship is built with three restaurants to serve you different kinds of cuisines such as Continental, Italian, and Chinese along with Konkani dishes. You can organize a wedding and reception party or a corporate meeting at one of these restaurants. These restaurants serve breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Besides the taste of the foods, the views of the blue sky and azure sea that you will get through the portholes while having your meal will surely cast magic on you. If you want to clink glasses of wine, the ship is ready to give you a high with six bars. To help you relax and have a sound sleep, different types of rooms are ideal for couples, families, and a large group. In case, you want to share a room for just two of you, there are rooms with two single beds. But you will have to use a common bathroom since these rooms don't have it. However, staying on Angriya for a night will be an amazing experience for you.

If you love music and want to shake your legs and let loose your hair, then book your entry to a stylish discotheque and spa on Angriya. In case, you want to enjoy soft music, then the poolside music will soothe your ears. To keep you engaged throughout the Mumbai to Goa cruise, the ship has a library where you can read magazines, journals, and daily newspapers. What's more, you can even buy a souvenir as a memory of your trip in a souvenir shop on-board. From handmade crochet miniatures to coffee mugs, books, t-shirts, whistles, and pirate hats, the options to make your voyage a memorable experience.

To feel the sea breeze in your face, head to any one of the decks. There are three decks where you can take in the magical views of the sea and clicks loads of selfies. You can bask in the pleasing sunshine in the day as well as in the enchanting stars at night. But the best thing on Angriya that you will love to indulge in is the infinity pool. You can take a dive into the magical infinity pool and feel the blue sky and soak in the glorious views of the Konkan coast. This immersing experience will stay with you as long as you're alive. So whether you're a night animal or a daytime reveler, Angriya will fulfill all your fantasies. For those who are fitness freaks, a modern gym onboard will help them keep their calories and weight under control.

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Cruise Timing

The Angriya Mumbai to Goa cruise leaves from the Mumbai port at 4 in the afternoon and reaches Goa at 9 the next morning. You can enjoy the cruise on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday from Mumbai. If you want to take the cruise from Goa, you can do it by booking a ticket either for Tuesday, Thursday, or Sunday. The timing for the cruise is so set that you can witness both the sunset and sunrise during the voyage. Needless to say that Angriya has taken every care to give you a pleasing cruising experience.

How Much You Will Spend for Angriya Cruise?

When booking a pass for the Mumbai to Goa cruise, you will have to pay Rs. 2,000 extra for food per person. At this price, you can have high-tea, breakfast, snacks, juice, and dinner. In case you are the one who loves to drink a cup of coffee at any time of the day, then the round-the-clock coffee shops will satisfy your craving for coffee. The ticket price for this best premium cruise in India is Rs. 4,300 and Rs. 2,000 for food. Since outside foods are not allowed on the ship, you have to pay for the food along with the ticket price. The ticket price will entitle you for accommodation in a dorm. The dorms and pods come with bunk beds and are meant for budget travelers. If you want to stay in a premium room, then you will have to shell out seven thousand to ten thousand rupees.

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Final Words

So aren't you excited enough for this luxurious Mumbai to Goa cruise? No matter what you want to take the cruise for, you will enjoy a unique and lifetime experience with Angriya. You may find the charges a bit expensive when compared to other transport modes. But the kind of experience that you will get with the Angriya cruise is invaluable. Nothing can compare the excitement, fun, and happiness that you will encounter by taking this voyage.

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