Dairy products – Facts, Benefits and Delicacies

Dairy products are part of our normal course of the diet. They are delicious and liked by most people in the world. These foods are produced from the milk of mammals like cows, goats, sheep, etc. You can either consume them directly in the form of milk or as milk products.

Butter, cheese, curd, yoghurt, cream, Indian ghee, ice cream are the most common dairy products loved by both children and adults. Their rich nutrient value is beneficial for bone and muscle development. The cow is the best source of milk because of its high calorie and protein content.

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The Nutrients

Dairy products are packed with several essential nutrients. Vitamins A, D, and B12 are present in significant amounts in milk and its products. The four important minerals calcium, magnesium, sodium, and potassium are part of the nutrient list in milk.

Milk contains carbohydrates, mostly made of glucose and galactose. It also contains fat, the percentage content of which varies depending on the type of milk.

Consumption Ideas

Dairy products can be consumed in various ways

  • Direct boiled milk
  • Butter
  • Cheese
  • Indian Paneer or English cottage cheese
  • Curd
  • Yoghurt
  • Ice cream
  • Buttermilk (popular in India)
  • Ghee (popular in India)
  • Cream
  • Milk or curd or yoghurt mixed with cereals like muesli, cornflakes, granola or oats
  • Rice pudding (commonly called kheer or Firni in India)
  • Flavoured milk (chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, etc.)
  • Plain or fruit custard
  • Sweet dishes (famous in India)
  • Kefir (a dish originated from Russia, made by fermenting milk and grains)
  • Quark (a German delicacy and a kind of curd cheese)
  • Skyr (famous in Iceland, resembles yoghurt)
  • Uunijuusto (a dessert popular in Finland)
  • Viili (a type of curd consumed especially in Scandinavian countries)
  • Ymer (the diary product from Denmark, resembling the mousse cakes)

The Benefits

  1. Strengthens our bones essentially due to the presence of calcium. People who drink milk or consume milk products as part of their daily diet are less prone to bone-related disorders like osteoporosis. Our movement gets restricted due to weak bones in our body. Dairy products keep our bones healthy and strong
  2. It helps to lower blood pressure thus reducing significantly the risk of cardiovascular diseases.
  3. Health researchers have proved that the intake of dairy products reduces the risk of Type 2 diabetes
  4. Dairy foods like curd and yoghurt help to remove toxic products from the body. The dietary plans include curds as one of the best foods for generating good bacteria in our stomach. The main reason behind this benefit is the presence of probiotics in curd and yoghurt.
  5. Strengthens our muscles and helps increase body endurance and tenacity
  6. Boosts body immunity to fight against diseases and withstand climatic variations
  7. The probiotic presence also assists in controlling the occurrence of diarrhoea
  8. Doctors recommend having proper quantities of milk or dairy products while under the dosage of antibiotics or any strong medication
  9. Lactose intolerant people, who are unable to drink milk, are benefitted from the intake of curd or yoghurt. The irritations in their intestine are stabilized
  10. Controls obesity and thus an excellent member of the included in the weight loss dietary regime
  11. Many researchers believe that dairy products play a significant role in the improvement of our brain. The products contribute to providing a healthy mental state reducing anxieties and depressions.
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Interesting Facts

Certain people face difficulty in consuming milk directly. It is better for them to use dairy products in their diet. They are easy to digest and prevent stomach burns

Milk is of different types like skimmed milk, whole milk, low-fat milk, fat-free milk, organic milk, flavoured milk. Both milk and milk products must be stored in a refrigerator to prevent perishing.

All dairy products are easily available in the market. You can also prepare some at your home. In India, ghee, churned butter, rice pudding, and even curd are prepared in certain households. Whipped cream is easy to make at home.

It is very interesting to know that milk production has increased in many different countries. India is the worldโ€™s largest producer of milk with its innumerable dairy farms across the country. Due to the perishable property of milk, dairy products are gaining significance since they can be preserved for days or weeks. The reason is, milk products are fermented and pasteurized to increase shelf life and prevent spoilage. Many households prefer using dairy products in greater quantities than milk due to their easy storage and longevity.

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So friends, stay healthy with strong muscles and bones and greater immunity with the tastiest dairy products. Uplift your body power and energy with the ultimate milk delicacies and enjoy your life.



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    Thank you for this list and their list of benefits. I am trying to go back to health-living, which is very challenging, so this was a very encouraging read for me.

  • June 14, 2021 at 9:15 pm

    I actually cut out most dairy products over the last few months. If there is one thing I miss, it’s cheese!

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      Thats great. I love butter and curd

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    A lot of times people will not go into the benefits of dairy so this is fantastic. Dairy is underestimated now more than ever before so this is a good read.


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