Himalayan Villages Series – Featuring Karsog

Discovering the hidden gems within the lap of the majestic Himalayan mountain ranges is indeed an intriguing experience. Travel lovers and nature admirers would love to explore one such wondrous gem called Karsog. It is a small and pristine town in Himachal Pradesh. Located amid the lush green Pir Panjal hill ranges, you can witness the breathtaking views of its panoramic landscape.

The History and Mythological Beliefs

The word “Karsog” is essentially a word in the literary colloquial language. It is a combination of two words “kar” meaning daily and “shok” meaning mourning. The tale goes that the village was once cursed by the existence of a demon. One person from the village had to be sacrificed each day as the food for the demon. The villages mourned every day on their loss. The Pandavas of the epic Mahabharata (Hindu mythological tale) had gone to an exile when they happened to cross this village. On hearing about the demon and the plight of the villagers, Bhima the second Pandava brother fought with the demon and saved the village from the curse of the demon.

Trekker's Paradise

Adventure enthusiasts can spend an exciting time hiking and trekking along the mountain and forest trails. The splendid atmosphere, the mystic view, the lush greenery, the chirping of the birds and the tranquillity within the exotic flora soothe the heart of all tiredness. You can walk miles after miles engulfing your mind and soul into the freshness prevailing around. The village essentially is the base camp for several mountain treks. Another interesting part of the trails is the lines of huge sky embracing Pine and the Deodar trees. The gorgeous valley overwhelms the trekkers enticing them more to its core.

The Religious and Holy Temples in Karsog

Religious minded people can spend a day of solitude and peace in this pious town. The holy and divine temples are visited by devotees with the belief of being protected by the Almighty. Each bears a history of their own, belonging mostly to the epics of Mahabharata and Ramayana. Well, you need to either trek or climb up steps to reach the temples; a fascinating experience indeed.

Traversing a trekking distance of about 5 km, you will reach the Mahunag temple especially dedicated to the fierce and strong Karn of the famous epic Mahabharata. Situated at a majestic height of about 10, 768 feet from the sea level is the Shikari Devi temple. Shikari Devi is the forest Goddess and worshipped mainly by the hunters. You need to climb 1000 steps to reach the temple. The Mamleshwar Mahadev temple dedicated to the mighty Lord Shiva is believed to be established by the Pandavas. The most beautiful of all the temples is the Kamakshi Devi temple. The temple is artistically carved out of wood. It is believed that legendary saint Parashuram had meditated at the temple premises to seek the blessings of the Goddess.

The Kalasan Nursery in Karsog

Organic fruits picking is an interesting activity in Karsog. The organic farms produce a wide variety of fruits like apple, pear, kiwi, plum and prune. It is fun engaging inside the orchards and take park in the activities. You can spend a wonderful time with your family, learning about the cultivation methods and the rearing of the plants. The Kalasan nursery is the key organic farm in Karsog where you can visit and experience orange picking.

Stroll along the village trails

Away from the hustle and bustle of city life, in an enthralling environment of solitude; it is rejuvenating to stroll across the village roads and be refreshed with the purity prevailing in the air. You have the opportunity to meet the villagers and the local tribes; learning their culture and traditions. The spectacular view of the greenery encircling the village, the small Himachali style houses and huts and the plantations around are a treat to the eyes.

Karsog is easy accessible from the various parts of the state. The nearest city Shimla has an airport and a railway station both. From there you can avail buses or cars to reach the village.

People normally visit Karsog between the months of February and July as the weather is not chilled but pleasant for spending a time exploring this hidden gem.

The place is magical, you can spend hours sitting, relaxing and gazing at the mystic beauty. Next time you visit Himachal Pradesh, you must not miss this treasure trove from your bucket list.



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    This is so so cool! Trekking in the Himalayas and hopping from one village to another was the best adventure i did in my entire life!!! Can’t wait to do it again…

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      We are all waiting for the good days to again come.

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    Such a wonderful place. Glad to know you’re able to travel again.

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    I love how green everything is, it’s so pretty there. What a lovely place.

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    What a wonderful view. Its another virtual travel unlock just behind my computer. THank you for sharing your post and enabling me to travel even from the comfort of my home.

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    This place is breathtakingly beautiful! I have never been to Karsog before but now I feel like going there and enjoy some Himachali food and culture, along with the enchanting views.

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