Himalayan Villages Series – Featuring Chaukori

Simplistic beautiful hamlets embracing the lustrous green mountain slopes brightened by the sparkling golden sun rays. The soothing breeze flowing across the pristine river waters enchanting the human mind and soul. The mystic scenery spreading a magical charm of its enigmatic flora purifying the heart. Feels like a dream destination right? But wake up, it's a dream come true in Chaukori.

A picturesque hill station in the heart of Uttarakhand, Chaukori is a traveller's paradise. Its gorgeous beauty entices travel enthusiasts and nature admirers from all over the country. Watching the mighty Himalayan ranges in close proximity is the key attraction of the place.

The Surreal Calmness

Chaukori brings you into the vicinity of enthralling natural wonders wrapped with green plantations and exotic wild life. Fruit orchards spread across the valleys are a delightful sight to watch. Observing the birds and butterflies hopping and flying above the vividly coloured rhododendrons brings in joy and happiness. The dense forests of the pine and the deodar creates a sensational thrilling experience as you stroll across the forest and mountain trails.

The chirping of the birds, tunes the mind into a world of music, entertaining the ears and the heart. Sitting and relaxing amid nature's ecstatic beauty is a heavenly experience. The feeling is super personified by the breathtaking views of the sunrise and sunset. Watching the sun emerging out of the mountain peaks and casting its golden spell across the sky and the hill tops is an experience of a lifetime. At the strike of the dusk, the rays of the setting sun waves its magical wand over the river waters sparkling and glittering gloriously. Well, it's the appropriate time to mention that the beautiful river Mahakali flows past the hill station.

A Religious Land of Temples

The second most attraction of Chaukori is its religious significance that prevails throughout the land. Many temples are located at and nearby the place attracting devotees all throughout the year. The locals frequent them often offering their prayers and to seek blessings from the gods and goddesses. The temples all belong to the Hindu religion, simple in their architectural looks but considered pious and divine by the people dwelling in the region.

 The prominent among them being the Kapileshwar Mahadev temple. You have to enter a dark cave about 10 meter in length to catch a glimpse of the image of Lord Shiva. Arjuna, the third Pandava brother of the epic Mahabharata, had constructed a temple named after him as Arjuneshwar temple. The temple is well maintained and preserved, you can visit it during your visit to Chaukori. The Ghunseri Devi temple is also quite famous among the tourists. The temple belongs to the Khol kings and has cave near to it. The Hindu goddesses are carved in stone portraying the craftsmanship of the ancient artisans.


The Tea Gardens

Chaukori is renowned for its tea gardens. Spread like a green carpet miles after miles over the mountain terraced slopes is really worth a visit. The delectable fragrance of the tea leaves are attractive and mesmerizing. The tea gardens in this region have been established long back during the British rule in India. You can visit the gardens and tea factories to taste the different flavors of tea and pack some along with you.

Things to do in Chaukori

The best way to immerse into the spectacular environment of Chaukori is to go for silent walks through the solitude. You can breathe in the refreshing air and rejuvenate your mind. The eyes can relax watching the greener around. The ears can entertain with the melodious songs of the birds.

Photographers cannot stop clicking on their cameras, watching awestruck at the gorgeous and gigantic Himalayan mountain peaks. The Nanda Devi, Trishul, Nanda Kot, Chaukhamba and the Panchachuli mountain peaks covered with snow are visible from the hill station.

Visiting the village and learning about the traditions and cultures of the locals and the tribes is another way of spending a wonderful time at the place. You can interact with the villagers, watch their daily life and engage with them in their activities.

Chaukori is well connected with the rest of the state cities and even various parts of India. The nearest place Kathgodam has both a bus stand and a railway station. If you are boarding a flight then you can either land at Naini Saini airport or the Jolly Grant airport.



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