India’s Largest Aquatic Gallery at Ahmedabad’s Science City

Ahmedabad, otherwise called Amdavad, is one of the biggest urban areas of India and the capital of Gujarat. This city of renowned vacation spots is arranged on the banks of the Sabarmati stream. It is known for its textiles and Science City. In the event that you are anticipating a family escape with kids, don't miss the Science City and its Aquatic Gallery.

Gujarat Science City – Ahmedabad

The Gujarat Science City (or just Science City by local people) is a strong drive by the public authority to advocate science and advance scientific personality amongst the communities of Gujarat.

This Science City has been created to cultivate education and training with a mix of play for the general mass. It has an astonishing focus with creative and useful yet contemporary shows of labs, working models, fascinating action corners, and augmented reality with live exhibitions to give a comprehension of science and innovation to the everyday person.

Come to the Gujarat Science City and Quench your hunger for information,

Learn and appreciate science through limitless diversion.

“The Gujarat Science City – Connecting Community with Science.” Visit the most amazing piece of virtual water body – Aquatic Gallery

Aquatic Gallery

The Aquatic gallery is a must-go-to place for kids and families. Here while entertaining your kids you can showcase the water creatures. You feel you are in an ocean and can see various creatures moving around you.

Shark Chamber

The Aquatics display is India's biggest public aquatic gallery with state-of-the-art life support networks. It is planned and organized to give a virtual excursion of the submerged world. The aquarium comprises of various tanks devoted to oceanic species from across the world. The primary tank comprises of sharks and a 28-meter one-of-a-kind walkway burrow, giving an encounter never seen. Here one can get a brief look at more than 188 species and 11600 fishes under one rooftop.

As a guest enters the aquatic gallery, they would observe a 360-degree tank. Then they would enter the sea-themed brought-together chamber, seeing a direction movie in enormous scenery. Likewise, beginning their excursion into the aquatic gallery, the guests pass by ten distinct zones like Indian Zone, Asian Zone, African Zone, and so forth.

Walkaway area

The 28-meter interesting walkway burrow inside the principal tank zone would furnish guests with an encounter of strolling along the sea bed close by sharks and other trash, an experience worth the adrenaline rush. The touch pool on the main floor allows you genuinely to contact the fish and intently notice their excellence.

Touchpad Display

Touchpad displays are available in the aquatic gallery to choose a species and learn more about it. For additional data on the said species, one can likewise scan a QR code on the touch-pad which would then take the guest to a portable application with additional data.

5D Theatre and Ocean-Themed Cafeteria

The novel 5D performance center provides you with an edge-of-the-seat thrill and a sensationally beautiful experience. Subsequent to completing the interesting submerged venture, one can visit the oceanic-themed cafeteria and have a fantastic dinner onboard a boat and finish their excursion at the souvenir shop and leave with superb recollections of the display.

Backend Life Support Team

If you are wondering what happens when the living creatures die or there is some emergency in the aquatic gallery, there is a specialized team to look over. This team from time to time test the water samples. If any creature dies, a scuba diver dives into the ocean and picks up the dead fishes from the water body and any other debris for it is very crucial to keep the ocean clear.

Timings and Ticket Charges

  • Science City Aquarium Timing / Aquatic Gallery Timing:

                   Tuesday to Sunday (08:00 am to 08:00 pm)

                    Monday Closed

  • Science City Entry Ticket / Parking Charge:

                    INR 50 per Person Entry Ticket Charge, INR 20 per person (school group) and INR 20 for 2 Wheeler / Rest 50 for 4 Wheeler Parking Charge/Rs100 Buses/Luxury

  • Aquatic Gallery Ticket Rates:

                     INR 200 for Aquatic Gallery/Rest 50 for school group

How to get there?

Via Road

Gujarat has one of the better-evolved street networks in India. Ahmedabad is very much associated with every significant city and town by road. State and private transport buses are an extraordinary choice to go between more modest towns in the state.

Via Train

Significant Indian urban communities are likewise associated with the Ahmedabad rail route station that lies on the western rail routes organization. The principal railroad station is situated in the Kalupur region. This station falls under the unmistakable public rail route circuit and is associated with all significant urban areas of India. India's most memorable slug train task will interface Mumbai to Ahmedabad by December 2023. It will run at a speed of 320kmph and cover the distance in 3 hours.

Via Air

Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad associates generally significant urban areas in India and key urban communities abroad to the state.


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