International Food Festival – Salon Du Chocolat

International Food Festivals are quite attractive opportunities to visit and experience the extraordinary skills of the expert chefs of the world. It's an astonishing moment for thousands of food lovers to gulp into the exclusive world cuisines. Salon Du Chocolat is one such event where you can relish your taste buds with smooth chocolates.

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History of Salon Du Chocolat

The Food Festival is sponsored by the Foreign Affairs Ministry of France. It was first started in 1994 and had been held in various cities around the world. Tokyo, New York, Moscow, Paris, Shanghai, Beijing are the places where the festival had been held with great vigor and grandeur. 2019 was celebrated as the 25th anniversary of the internationally acclaimed food festival in Paris, France.

The festival Salon Du Chocolat overwhelms the visitors with chocolates in various shapes and forms, pastries, and other delicious bakery and sweet products wrapped in the magic of chocolate. Eminent chefs from all over the world set up their stunning display of food artistry at the festival premises. It is hosted in a huge area spreading across 8000 square meters enticing the foodies to immerse into the cocoa delicacies.

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It is amazing to watch the amazing culinary skills of the master chefs from across different countries huddled together to showcase their stupendous display of art. They demonstrate the intricately carved out chocolate recipes in front of the audience. Exhibitions and shows are held to display the plethora of cocoa specials. There is a lounge where you can sit comfortably and taste your favorite cocoa dishes with pleasure.

The festival was held last year in the largest exhibition complex in Europe, Porte de Versailles. The festival normally starts at 10 AM in the morning and extends till 7 PM in the evening. People of all ages attend the festival with much enthusiasm and love.

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A number of events are conducted at the Salon Du Chocolat festival to entertain the audience. The events are well designed across the 5 days of the festival.  Workshops and seminars are conducted by world-renowned chefs for imparting knowledge on chocolate making, pastry making, ice cream making, and so on. It is a great opportunity for food admirers to learn the intricacies of the recipes from famous culinary artists.

Fashion Shows

The most interesting and exquisite event of Salon Du Chocolat is the Fashion Shows. The costumes of the models are designed out of chocolate. It is a scintillating experience to watch the performers walk across the ramp adorned with dresses made of chocolates. The skill of the artists demands tremendous appreciation and accolades.

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Chocosphere is another event held in the Salon Du Chocolate festival. You can engage in talk shows and conversations with experts on recipes or other fundamentals of chocolates and cocoa. You will be privileged to taste some of the exclusive chocolate, pastry, and ice-cream delicacies.

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Shopping Stalls

Several stalls and shops are also hosted by the authorities of Salon Du Chocolat where you can quench your buying spree. Chocolatiers and Patissiers sell their creations from some of their outlets sponsored by the French government. The festival offers a magnificent display of wide varieties of chocolates enticing visitors all throughout the day. The chefs even create astounding figures and models of carts, trees, flowers, candles, etc. out of chocolate. The creations are remarkable, worthy of applause.

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Several competitions are also held in the Salon Du Chocolat festival premises. The most famous among them is the International Pastry Show attended by amateurs and professionals competing against each other. You can witness one of the finest displays of pastry creations by chefs from prominent hotel chains, restaurant chains, and food store chains. A breathtaking concert is held on the opening day of the Salon Du Chocolat festival. It is governed by dance shows, fashion shows, and music shows. The interesting part is the dominant presence of chocolate in each and every show in the form of the attires of the participants.

So what are you waiting for? If you are an ardent lover of chocolates and pastries, do not miss the chance of visiting Salon Du Chocolat in France. You can sure to experience a memorable tour within the land of chocolates.



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