Interview Series with Trekker – Introducing TravelwithTanny

We were waiting eagerly to host this interview series – a conversation with trekkers and hikers. Their ardent love for adventure is worthy of millions of appreciations. The brave-hearted people exploring the world with their daredevil attempts. Their zeal to fight the odds and reveal the unknowns are fascinating. The amazing part is to look at their bright faces when they reach their target destination. In spite of toiling through the rough terrains, the tiredness seems to vanish the moment they meet their target. That's the inherent spirit of being a trekker or a hiker.

Blogging has introduced us to several astounding individuals and couples, including trekkers and hikers. Today we are extremely glad to introduce “TravelwithTanny” – Tanushree Ghosh, a trekker by passion. A beautiful individual with a lovely personality but with a strong determination and adventurous mind. We had a short conversation with her and was thrilled to learn about her trekking experiences. Sharing the interview with her and we bet you will really appreciate her limitless zeal as a trekker.

Interview with Tanushree

Which was your first hiking venture, where and how was the experience?

My 1st hiking as far as I remember was tiger point Lonavala and I started trekking at 0345 hrs IST to witness the sunrise in chilly cold weather in the month of December 2015. I could sense the party scene in the air when I reached my destination and people were partying with music and drinks. And I witnessed the 1st sunrise of 2016 there. What a feeling !! 

Who or what inspired you to become a hiker or a trekker?

I don't know. My father loves to travel and somehow I guess I inherited that trait from him. And he was a daring traveller in his days.

What are the different places you have attempted as part of your hiking or trekking journeys?

I have covered full eastern India except for few minor spots. Been to west, covering parts of Maharashtra. Then to North, have been to Uttarakhand and few other hill stations.

Please share a memorable experience you witnessed or faced during any of your hiking trips

Well, I would share the most daring one from my last trek which was till Sundakphu. The roads were way too foggy and the weather was eating me alive, it was that cold. Till some extent (stop Gairibas) we covered in the car. The turns were too sharp to see anything coming from the other side. The roads were way to narrow for two cars to move at a time. And my car was about to bang the other car coming from that side. That moment I realised the safety of that journey and took a decision to trek from there which was almost 15 km to Sundakphu (my destination). So yes it will always remain in my memories since I thought I was about to die in that car accident.

Share tips and suggestions for travellers embarking on hikes or treks

Well, 2 pieces of advice – once you reach the top do not celebrate with any drug or toxic drink because that would dehydrate your body that badly that you will not be able to trek back. And secondly, keep taking more breaks while you trek since that would make you fit trek with more stamina.

What are your future plans for travelling?

I want to go to those places which are not on Google map 


Hope you have enjoyed reading our interview with our friend and trekker Tanushree. Please follow her social media handles at and at Facebook


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