Featuring an Enthusiastic Traveller – Jhanvi Bhatt

We are extremely glad today to feature an enthusiastic Traveller – Jhanvi Bhatt. You will be glad to learn about her zeal for travel and the numerous places she has visited. We were thrilled reading about her experiences and as a traveller how she considers Travel as a means to explore the unknown. She is known by “Thewellworn”

“Travel to peek into the skies
Travel to sail through the seas
Travel to enchant your mind
Travel for nature is our friend”

Sharing the Interview with our Guest Traveller – Jhanvi Bhatt

Where did you travel for the first time?

Well, the Travelling bug had bitten me long back in 2017. It was the first time I witnessed the Himalayas & it then turned into an obsession.

How many places have you travelled to?

I've visited so many places that I can't even count it But I haven't been to many countries yet. In future, I'll be looking forward to visiting many international places.

Share your travel experiences and some memorable moments which you cherish?

This is One Moment I will always cherish in my life!! That day I felt like I was five years old again. As we move forward to Lahaul, the scenery changed from forest green to pure white and I was filled with such bliss to see something for the first time in its purest form. When you travel to a place that you've always dreamed of travelling to. A place that everyone has talked about. It stirs up a sense of joy and excitement. I experienced some of the happiest moments with my travel mates even after having a flat tire in the middle of nowhere with freezing temperatures. Since then the journey has never ended, and I still feel like that 5 Years old tiny baby. Since then the Travel continuously offers ME a reason to feel ALIVE, a reason to feel AWESOME!!

Do you travel solo or in groups? Please share your experience of the difference between solo travelling and travelling in groups.

From testing my limits to discovering new territories and giving myself a chance to indulge myself; I will always prefer travelling solo as I can Find my Rhythm. Nonetheless, travelling with a group can be incredibly fun and they can also be easier on your wallet. But no me time so If you're someone who enjoys your own company, group travel may not be for you.

Which are your areas of interest in a place during your travel journeys?

I always try to travel to those places which are only meant for travellers not interested in visiting a place but experiencing a different way of life. Mainly meeting locals, exploring villages, forts, glistening lakes, exquisite Havelis which are yet unexplored.

What kind of souvenirs do you like to carry back after a trip?

I've always loved the idea of collecting one thing from each destination I travel to. I usually try to get souvenirs which are unique and won't available easily. most importantly I always try to get something that reflects the spirit of the place I travelled to.

Do you like meeting with locals during your trip? Please share an unforgettable moment where you had interacted with the locals?

For me, this is the best way to get immersed in local culture. I have realised through my travels that the best & unique experiences are those where I have had an opportunity to interact with a local. I remember staying at a homestay in Jispa. The locals there were so interested in making me feel at home and served me so well. They treated me like one of their own which lead to one of the most peaceful sleep that night; with only one thought in mind of how the coldest of the places always has the warmest of hearts.

How many times do you travel in a year and how do you normally plan your journeys?

I spend most of the time travelling and crossing items off of my bucket list & I do not pay heed to fixed itineraries, I just put my backpacks on my backs and leave without much pomp and show. This is what “travelling” should be like.

What are your plans for travelling?

I wish to go under the skin of 15+ Indian unexplored places by end of 2022 & encouraging Sustainable travel, Right-now I'm attempting to jaunt India's deepest interiors to experience the culture and lifestyle in its most authentic form.

Who or what inspired you to venture out on travels?

I never got inspired. Travel was just away, an “ESCAPE” for me !! but Now, Travel is taking over my life.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the amazing words and incredible experiences of our guest traveller. Do follow her in social media and engulf in her awesome journey as a super enthusiastic traveller.

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