Jatayu Earth’s Center – The Astonishing Rock Sculpture in Kerala, India

Without a prelude to the significance of the location and the Jatayu Hills in Kollam District of Kerala, the blog on Jatayu Earth's Center will not hold water. Long before Jatayu Earth's Center was built, the location was deeply embraced in the clutches of history and mythology.

Before you drive to this location as a tourist or visitor, it is good to know you are traveling there not just to marvel at a magnificent sculpture and the beauty around it. The organizers have arranged a plethora of adventure and entertaining activities around Jatayu Earth's Center. Beyond all the entertainment and fun elements, the Jatayu Hills are etched in the Indian epic Ramayana. The mythology was given life in the modern-day context by God-gifted scholars, artists, and sculptors.

Of course, you can't appreciate enough the sculptor in-chief @rajivanchal who is a renowned filmmaker for his creative thought process and the efforts to carve out this reality.


Jatayupara at Chandayamangalam village in Kollam District of Kerala is a famous hillock. Trekkers and tourists frequent the location for various entertainment and trekking purposes. The myth-ridden hillock was transformed under the leadership of Mr. Rajiv Anchal.  Covering a floor area of 1,400 m2 and at 70 ft. height, 150 ft. width, and 200 ft. length, it is the largest bird sculpture in the world.  Jatayu Earth's Center was opened to the public in 2018. Taking a leaf from the legend of Jatayu, the mythical bird from Ramayana, the sculpture park is named Jatayu Earth's Center.


The Indian Epic Ramayana narrates the story of the abduction of Sita, the wife of Lord Sri Ram by Ravana. While being carried away by Ravana, Sita cried out for help. Hearing her cry, the legendary bird Jatayu swung into action. To save Sita, the Jatayu used its might to fight Ravana. Ravana finally drawing his sword slashed one of Jatayu's wings down. Legend has it that the wounded and wingless Jatayu fell on this hillock. It is from Jatayu, Lord Ram and Lakshmana learned about Sita's abduction before it succumbed to the wounds.

Legend says that a footmark of Lord Ram and an un-drying pond are created with the stroke of Jatayu's beak on an eventful day. It is still preserved on the premises for visitors to look at. It is believed that the pond has never dried up since then. There is a temple built at the site of the footmark that you can visit.

Though a bird, Jatayu recognized the protection of women as his dharma and sacrificed his life for it. As a tribute to the bird, the sculpture is dedicated to Women's safety and honor.

Rajiv Anchal

Mr. Rajiv Anchal is a world-renowned filmmaker and sculptor. He is also the chairman and Director of Jatayu Earth's Center. The functional sculptor is his brainchild. His hard work, perseverance, and ideas were instrumental in transforming the 65-acre land into an international tourism destination in Kerala.

Jatayu Earth's Center

Reaching the pinnacle is an exhilarating experience. Jatayu Earth's Center can be reached by walk which extends over 1000 meters including 826 steps. Sounds tiring? Well, it can be especially when the sun is beating down on you. However, the winding path along the forest can provide excitement and surprises.

Drinking water and rest areas provide much-needed comfort during the uphill task.


The sculpture is done in such a way that right within the giant Jatayu sculpture, there is an audio-visual museum. And a 6D Theater as well where a visual treat of the myth is presented. The epic battle between Jatayu and Ravana can be watched on screen.

Unfortunately, however, both these facilities are closed now due to Covid restrictions.


The state-of-the-art adventure center can accommodate 150 guests each day. And each of them is given desired safety attention.

A wide range of activities awaits you at Jatayu Earth's Center. Shooting, archery, free climbing, wall climbing, bouldering, rappelling, Burma Bridge, valley crossing, side Joola, and more. Obviously, visiting the location as a group can add more fun to the trip.

Cable car ride offers an impeccable 360-angle view of the beautiful surroundings. The ride is an essential part of the visit to Jatayu Earth's Center.

Heli Ride is another major attraction at Jatayu Earth's Center. A team of well-experienced former defense staff and aviation technical experts ensures a safe and stirring ride. Of course, the facility depends on several factors like favorable climate and situations.

Jatayu Earth's Center is open to the public on all days. Unfortunately, the services are currently limited due to the precautionary restrictions in place by the government of Kerala as a measure to eradicate the COVID 19 pandemic.

However, do follow the notices and updates checking with the office of Jatayu Earth's Center. The times to come may provide much fewer restrictions free ambiance. That will enable the visitors to enjoy and utilize all the facilities and activities available on the premises.


Jatayu Sculpture visit + Cable Car ride – INR 450 + GST (per person).

Timing: 10AM to 5:30PM.

Current entry protocol:

  • COVID Vaccine certificate, at least of one dose or
  • RTPCR report collected within 72 hours or
  • For Children below 18 years there is no restrictions.
  • Conditions are subjected to changes based on the prevailing government orders.

How to reach

You are well connected by road from all towns and cities of the state.

Nearest railway station: Kollam, about 38 km away.

Nearest airport: Trivandrum International Airport, about 51 km away.



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  • February 18, 2022 at 8:52 am

    The history about the place as well as the myths and go-to places made this such an enjoyable post!! I really want to go!!

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    Oh wow, that is a lot of steps on a hot day. It must be amazing to see the sculpture.

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    Fascinating background information about the sculpture; I like that it is dedicated to women’s safety and honor. I would definitely love to visit here one day.

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    Wow what an incredible and detailed sculpture. I can’t believe how beautiful this is x

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    What an amazing sculpture, and I missed this when I visited Kerala the last time. I must go see it in person on my next visit

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    This is absolutely stunning! I love the sculpture, it would be such an interesting place to visit, I would love to visit India

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    I can’t believe the sculpture is read, AMAZING! I thought it’s a photoshop image…I would love to see it in my own eyes one day.

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    This is on my bucket list, hope to be there soon

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    I am adding this landmark to my bucket list as I did not even know that this existed 😉 It is beautiful and I need to see this in person for myself. I am going to have to book a getaway soon and add this to my list!

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    This is such a beautiful sculpture that has so much detail. The story behind the sculpture is so interesting. I’d love to know more about it.

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    Oh wow, what an impressive and beautiful rock sculpture. I hadn’t seen this before – and the fact that you can take pictures on it is really cool!

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    Oh wow this is going on my bucket list, what an amazing sculpture and I bet it’s even more incredible in real life. Thanks for sharing

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