Shibuya Crossing in Japan – A Scramble in itself

Familiar with the word “Scramble”? I think most of us are aware of it. If you want to experience that in real life as a traveler, you need to visit the famous Shibuya Crossing or Shibuya Scramble Crossing in Tokyo, Japan. It is an iconic landmark of the city similar to Times Square in New York. Well both the places have a unique difference, of course. Today I would like to engage my readers in the world of Shibuya Crossing, a perfect place for entertainment, and witness a memorable experience.

Shibuya Crossing – Top View

Unique Feature of the Shibuya Crossing

At peak hours, about more than 3000 people cross each other at the Shibuya Crossing. The only reason for it being the busiest place of intersection in the world. At the beat of every second, you can observe crowds of people intersecting each other in various directions. The amazing part is everyone seemed to be moving in rhythm as they cross without even bumping at each other. It's like a well-disciplined crowd, moving in sequence like the strings of a musical instrument.

The Magnificent Beauty of the Crossing

Day and night present a contrasting beauty both with their individual glamour and marvel at Shibuya Crossing. During the day you must not miss climbing up the Shibuya Scramble Square at its observatory tower. You will be mesmerized to look down at the streets with pedestrians arriving in huge numbers and crossing in all possible directions. They turn, swirl and ensure not to crash against each other as they move on non-stop to their destination.

Waiting for the Traffic

The incredible zig-zag movement of people stops for a few moments when the traffic lights turn green for the vehicles to move on. You can see the count of people mounting up slowly at the sidelines, frantically waiting for the pedestrian signal to be green. The moment the traffic stops and the lights are on, people start pouring again into the streets.

Nights are dreamy and remarkable with the lights illuminating the adjacent buildings and shopping malls and stores. The flashy lights of the advertising boards playing videos completely transform the environment. Shibuya Crossing is a paradise for photographers to click some astonishing pictures of the people, the buildings around, and the streets.

As the evening approaches at Shibuya Crossing

You can relax and sit at one of the cafes adjacent to the crossing and watch the spectacular view through the glass walls. You can even enjoy yourself in any pub and immerse yourself in the nightlife of Shibuya Crossing. For shopping frantic, it's an ideal place to quench your desire. There are many restaurants and food joints for the food overs to savor their hunger.

The density of the crowd usually syncs up with the timings of the train arrivals. The moment a train or more arrive you can easily distinguish the difference in the numbers. Well, I need to mention here, Shibuya Crossing is located near the Shibuya Train station. At night once the station closes with the arrival of the last train, the crowd slowly starts thinning until it changes to complete eerie silence.

Non-Stop movement near the Starbucks Coffee building

How to reach the Crossing?

Reaching Shibuya Crossing is quite easy. You need to get down at the Shibuya Station and take the Hachiko exit. As you emerge out of the exit, you will be entertained and greeted by the scramble of people.

Shibuya Crossing is quite significant in being featured in various films and movies. It also hosts New Year events in a grand way. You must not miss this amazing place when you visit Japan. Do add it to your bucket list and I bet you won't repent. For all travelers and my readers who have already visited Times Square in New York can easily feel the pulse and heartbeat of the place.

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