Teachers’ Day – A Small Dedication

5th September, a special day celebrated in India to respect our teachers. It has been named “Teachers' Day” as a mark of respect to the Late President of India, Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. He was renowned to be a great teacher himself and uplifted the role of a teacher in building up a nation and its future generations.

Today as we celebrate the birth anniversary of Dr Radhakrishnan; and wish a Happy Teachers' Day to our teachers who taught us to be a respectful individual with proper knowledge and education. I especially want to dedicate a small poem for the lovely and wonderful teachers I have been privileged to be acquainted with, in my school and college days.

I still remember my childhood days, preparing small handmade cards for our teachers and write boldly “Happy Teachers' Day. The expressions were small and miniature yet it was filled with love and respect for them. I loved the smile that flashed across their face when they received the cards from all of us in school. It was not how beautifully we painted or how artistically we wrote, it was the sheer love we expressed that overwhelmed them. Now when I watch my son prepare such handmade cards or some craftwork to gift to his teacher, I feel I am back to my childhood days.

A Small Dedication

You enlighten us with your strength of knowledge
You brighten us with your intellect breadth
You encourage us to believe in our future
Your love personifies with your nurture.

An unknown world opens up into my eyes
Imbibing within me the courage to live my dreams
I bow down to your perseverance
I salute your enduring tolerance.

I love the ray of smile splashing across your face
As we climb up the ladders of success
The hurdles ease up through your inspiration
The obstacles clear up through your motivation.

My gratitude for you is limitless
My respect for your is immense
I yearn to return back to my past
And flow into the world so vast.

I feel your love and care still within my heart
Your voice still encircles my heart
You have stirred within me the spirit to live
A life facings the odds with brave.



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