The Enticing Beauty of Victoria Peak

Victoria Peak is one of the major tourist attractions in Hong Kong. Your visit to Hong Kong is half incomplete without visiting this picturesque hill encompassed with the looming skyscrapers. It is located at an altitude of 1811 feet (552 meters). The Peak offers one of the best panoramic views of the island's landscape adorned with lush green mountains and the stunning skyline hosting some of the gigantic buildings.

How to reach the Peak

An adventurous person can go for a hike along the mountain trails to reach the peak. You can also avail a cab to drive through the hillside roads. Several buses also operate along the route to the Peak. The most interesting transport to opt for is the Victoria Peak Tram.

The Peak Tram

The Tram was inaugurated way back in 1888. It is the oldest funiculars in the world. It's a wonderful experience riding on the historical Peak Tram covering a distance of about 1.4 km. The best experience is to watch the scenic views of the city around throughout the 10-minute journey. You only need to reach early as there are quite big queues for the tickets.

The tram ride is remarkable as it passes along the line of skyscrapers and greenery around. It's a wonderful experience to watch the skyline slowly unfolding in front of your eyes. The breeze in the air creates a soothing effect. The windy chill in the air is quite a welcome treat.

The Breathtaking View from the Peak

The Peak hosts an awesome view of Hong Kong's architected buildings emerging tall and high. You can find a similarity with the Manhattan skyline. You can climb up to the Sky Terrace or the Peak Galleria rooftop to enjoy the view. There are several coin-operated telescopes to watch the far-off scenic beauty. You can take a cool photo with the heart-shaped red “The Peak I Love You” sign.

The beauty of the peak is a unique combination of the hilltops with small villages and the majestic skyscrapers hosting some of the prominent buildings of Hong Kong Island. The Peak is also said to host some of the richest mansions. The place is inhabited by the city's aristocratic residents.

The Best Things to do

The Peak Galleria has several options to keep you engaged throughout the day.

There are several restaurants and café joints offering multiple varieties of dishes. The best among them are The Peak Lookout restaurant and the Wildfire Pizzabar and Grill. The Peak Lookout is a traditionally older one. The Pizzabar offers some best-in-class style pizzas for you to enjoy. The seats are well placed for you to watch nature's beauty while you relish the classic pizzas.

The renowned Madame Tussauds'wax museum is present inside the Galleria, hosting real alike wax figures of famous actors, actresses, sports persons, politicians, super heroes. The outpost of the museum is also fascinating where the wax figures of popular personalities are places.

Shops with memoirs are in plenty. Miniature versions of Victoria Peak Tram, the skyline, the Peak view are available for you to buy and carry with you as fond memories. Ice cream parlors, cafeterias, and drink joints are great options to quench your thirst and freshen up.

The Leisure Stroll

For those who are not interested to hike, there is an alternate option to go for a leisurely walk along The Peak's curving trails. Popularly known as a nature trail, it is adorned with chirping birds and lush green trees. The best option is to start early in the morning when the weather is cool and entertaining. The fresh air with the flowing breeze will revive your spirits. The walk along the trail is truly enchanting.

Victoria Peak, with its incredible beauty, is a must-visit in Hong Kong Islands. The mountains are said to be the breeding ground for several migratory birds. The stunning view of nature combined with the elite neighborhood deciphers a magnetic spell, luring tourists from various parts of the world.  



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