Disneyland, Hong Kong – A Fun-filled Experience

Disneyland, Hong Kong is a theme park fun-filled with entertainment and amusements. It is located on Lantau Island in Hong Kong and is one of the greatest creations of Walt Disney.

How to reach

The best way is to avail the rail route of Hong Kong MTR(Mass Transit Railway). You need to avail of the Disneyland Resort Line at Sunny Bay Station and reach the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort.


You can buy tickets online, the best option. The alternate option is to purchase tickets near the Park entrance booth.


The park is open from 7 AM to 9 PM


At the park entrance of Disneyland, Hong Kong, you would find maps of the entire area. It is very essential to carry one with you so that you do not miss any of the fun zones. The 68 acres of land is too huge a place hence a map guide is needed to trace the places of interest.

The entire park is situated inside the Hong Kong Disneyland Resort and is segregated into seven major areas

  • Adventure Land
  • Grizzly Gulch
  • Mystic Point
  • Toy Story Land
  • Fantasy Land
  • Tomorrow Land
  • Main Street, U.S.A

Adventure Land

The Adventure Land of Disneyland, Hong Kong has four main attractions

Jungle River cruise

Opening Time 10 AM and Closing Time 8 PM

The main attraction being floating across the river in a boat and experience the wilderness of a jungle. The ride greets you with the elephants spraying water jets, the king cobras and the huge spiders, the gorillas causing havoc in a camp, the head hunters and the Canyon of Gods blowing out fire bursts in the air.

Karibuni Marketplace

Opening Time 10 AM and Closing Time 7 PM

The African Marketplace is filled with famous characters from Disney adventure stories. You can find Aladdin with Genie and the magic lamp, King Louie and Baloo from the Jungle Book, characters from Zootopia, the famous Lion King characters Timon and Rafiki. The place is lively with music beats, exciting games, vibrant colors, and snack counters.

Liki Tiki Totem Poles

Opening Time 10 AM and Closing Time 9 PM

The Totem Poles are places just beside the Jungle River cruise. The Poles are wood statues placed in the form of a circle welcoming the guests with a misty fog and the rumbling drum beats. Once you enter the circle, the Liki Tikis starts ejecting water and you will feel like dancing and jumping with joy.

Tarzan's Treehouse

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 6 PM

The place is quite amazing reliving the stories of Tarzan, his life inside the jungle and recreations of scenes from Jane's description in her book. The Treehouse is almost 19 meters high and has 157 steps to climb up. Inside the house, there are depictions of Sabor, the leopard's attack on Tarzan, Jane's equipment, the sleeping area, and the kitchen. You can reach the TreeHouse after crossing the Rivers of Adventure aboard a floating raft made of wood logs.

Fantasy Land

The Fantasy Land of Disneyland, Hong Kong has eight main attractions

Cinderella Carousel

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9 PM

The carousel is a merry go around where you can enjoy the ride atop the galloping horses. Shaped like a tent the carousel contains 2 horse chariots and almost 60 wooden horses. The place is illuminated with more than 3000 glittering lights with light music prevailing across the area. As you circle around the place, you can experience the snippets from the story of Cinderella carved across the carousel.

Dumbo, The Flying Elephant

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9 PM

It is a joyful ride atop Dumbo, which flies in a circle, carrying you above in the air at the beats of melodious music. Dumbo flies around a dancing fountain whilst Timothy the mouse, sitting above a hot air balloon, directs with the help of a feather. It is a thrilling experience with the flowing breeze brushing you as you encircle the place.

Fairy Tale Forest

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 7:30 PM

You will be astonished to find your favorite fairy tale characters in the Forest. The place is adorned with magical storybooks with music, castles, towers, meandering walkaways, caves, and lovely meadows. You can find the famous Disney characters Tinker Bell, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, the Little Mermaid, Tangled, Cindrella, characters of Beauty and the Beast.

The World of Singing Children

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 8 PM

The place is known as “it's a small world” rings with the joyous songs of the children across the world tuning in as you ride along with a musical boat. Almost 300 cute lively children from different parts of the globe, dressed in their traditional attire, mesmerize the area with their dance and song. You can feel yourself traveling to the seven continents of the world and at the end, bond in friendship and laughter as the children unite for the grand finale.

Mad Hatter Tea Cups

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

The ride is amazing where you will find yourself seated inside round huge pastel teacups. The cups are decorated with multiple colors and can accommodate four people. The cups, placed on a turntable, spin around a canopy adorned with brightly lit paper lanterns. They rotate as well as revolve around accompanied by lively music.

The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

You can enjoy Winnie the Pooh and the different characters wandering across the woods inside a Hunny Pot. The owl, rabbit, Kanga, Tigger will entertain you through the rains and wind along with Pooh. The humming sound of music and the glittering colors will keep you enthralled throughout the adventurous journey.

Mickey's Philhar Magic

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

It is a 3-D concert movie featuring Mickey and Donald Duck. Posters of various Disney characters occupy the walls of the concert hall. The theatre hosts more than 450 seats, beaming with velvet and golden colored sparkling curtains. Donald Duck will take you through a magical tour of Aladdin, The Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, The Lion King Simba, and Peter Pan.

Sword in the Stone

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

The sword is the representation of King Arthur's legendary magical sword when he transformed into a heroic king with the support of Wizard Merlin. The sword is made up of bronze embedded inside a boulder. The story proclaims that only someone with great valor and strength can remove the sword and be declared the ruler of England.

Grizzly Gulch

The Grizzly Gulch of Disneyland, Hong Kong has three main attractions

Mountain Runaway Mine Cars

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 8:00 PM

Inside the Grizzly Mountain Mining Company building, you can enjoy a ride on the mine car meandering through the sawmills, mining workshops, and lanterns. The ride is pretty thrilling but one should avoid if you have height syndrome or speed fear. The car starts with a slow velocity and with a spark dive down a mine shaft and then speeds out from the woods. It moves up the steeply inclined rock and before you can rest your nerves it whizzes backward and passes through the caves to emerge out of the mountains.

Geyser Gulch

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 8:00 PM

The geyser is the symbol of the Grizzly Gulch town built atop it which caused the town to suffer financially. But the town's fortune reverted after the discovery of the gold mines. Do not go too near the spring as it may suddenly erupt and splash you with its spray of waters. But if you wish to have fun then pull on the chord to enjoy the water shootout.

Photo Fun

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

A complete fun zone where you can click yourself inside an old prison or feature yourself as the Most Wanted.

Main Street, U.S.A

Main Street, U.S.A. of Disneyland, Hong Kong has three main attractions

Animation Academy

Opening Time 10:40 AM and Closing Time 8:20 PM

The Academy conducts a session to draw the Disney cartoon characters Mickey, Donald, Minnie, Goofy, and others. You can pick up a notepad and a pencil and follow the step-by-step instructions displayed on a whiteboard in front of you. Once completed, you can take the drawing with you as a memory.

Art of Animation Lounge

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

The lounge is a relaxing zone but you will need the Magic Access membership to avail of the benefits.

Main Street Vehicles

There are different operating times which you need to check once you reach the park. The operation times vary depending upon the Disney Parade timings or any other marches.

The main attraction of the vehicles is to enjoy a ride with a vintage vehicle across Main Street passing by the shops, small buildings, and restaurants.

Mystic Point

The Mystic Point of Disneyland, Hong Kong has three main attractions

Garden of Wonders

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

The state-of-the-art garden is a treat to the eye as you stroll across it. It is a fabulous experience to see the various sculptures changing shapes leveraging the science of optical illusion.

Mystic Manor

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

The manor is a museum offering the artifacts of Lord Henry Mystic and his monkey friend Albert. It contains the exotic artistic works of the Lord including photographs, paintings, collections. You can jump into an electric carriage that will enchant you through the rooms of the museum adorned with artistry.

Mystic Point Freight Depot

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

The point is for some photography posing alongside the head of Poseidon, King Pacal, and few Egyptian relics.

Tomorrow Land

The Tomorrowland of Disneyland, Hong Kong has six main attractions

Ant-Man and The Wasp – Nano Battle

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

You can experience a live battle along with Ant-Man and The Wasp inside the pavilion. The battle demonstrates the attack of Hydra and his evil agents over Stark Tower. You will climb onto the combat vehicle and fight with the Swarmbots, a thrilling experience of protecting the SHIELD.

Hyperspace Mountain

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

The Space Mountain offers a super-action experience of the Star Wars battle where you will be virtually boarded to travel to Jakku, a planet featured in the movie. Your mission will be to battle alongside the Rebel fighters to destroy the Imperial Star Destroyer vessel.

Experience Iron Man

Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

The place is perfect for Iron Man fans where you can come closer to Iron Man's iconic suite, his modern latest defense equipment, Iron Wing, etc.. You will experience an aerial tour to the Hong Kong Stark Tower where you will encounter the Hydra agents for an action-filled battle.

Iron Man Tech Showcase

It offers the most unique experience with Iron Man and you can pose with him for a photograph.


Opening Time 10:00 AM and Closing Time 9:00 PM

Orbitron is a revolving unit consisting of planets twirling around. You need to be seated in any of the moving saucers and enjoy the ride by controlling the ship in the midst of buzzing sounds.

Toy Story Land

The Toy Story Land of Disneyland, Hong Kong has four main attractions

Barrel of Fun

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 8:00 PM

The zone offers an experience to greet the Toy Story characters, the monkeys, the sheriff Woody and the cow-girl Jessie.

RC Racer

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 8:00 PM

The racer is a super thrilling ride where you will be moving up and down across a U-shaped track.

Slinky Dog Spin

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 8:00 PM

You will experience a funny ride atop a Slinky dog whizzing past the Toy Story Land and chasing his tail around the giant food bowl.

Toy Soldier Parachute Drop

Opening Time 10:30 AM and Closing Time 8:00 PM

You will learn the essence of parachute drops and certain aerial exercises in this zone.

The Disney Parade

The Disney Parade is one of the exhilarating experiences in Disneyland, Hong Kong. The Parade starts within the park premises featuring the world-famous Disney characters dressed up in vibrant colored attires and greeting the visitors. It is an ecstatic experience with the characters steaming the park, dancing along with the melodious tunes, and greeting all.

The Park offers a magical environment filled with entertainment and fun and worth spending a full day packed with multiple activities.



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