Genting Highlands – A World of Entertainment

Genting Highlands, a hill station in Malaysia, offers a plethora of entertainment with its theme parks, casinos, adventurous rides, skyways, butterfly park, orchid farms amidst a dense wide rain forest. It's a perfect weekend spot offering a wide variety of activities to keep you engaged.

The place has an array of attractions with its various eateries chain serving delicacies from various countries. It's a drive of almost 45 – 50 minutes from Kuala Lumpur city, capital of Malaysia. There are two skyways where you can enjoy the gondola rides to reach the highlands.

The Awana Skyway

The main skyway to reach Genting Highlands through the greenery of the hills. The ride starts from the Awana station and ends at the SkyAvenue station within a span of 10 minutes. The forest along the hills are said to be 130 million years old. Its really enthralling to watch the outside view from the cable car. You can watch the variations in the scenic landscape along the journey. It's a perfect treat to the eyes.

The Genting Skyway

The skyway is the second one in rank of importance, operating normally less than Awana skyway. It takes about 15 to 20 minutes to reach the Highlands station. The views from the gondolas are blissful with the trees lined up in the rain forests.

Chin Swee Caves Temple

The temple is located in the forest lands of Genting, constructed in the honour of a renowned Buddhist monk Chin Swee. The place is very religious where locals flock to offer their prayers. Amidst the serenity there is a beautiful nine-storey pagoda with several images of Lord Buddha. The mountain looks awesome atop the pagoda. The temple is adorned with artistic sculptures by skilled artists. You can sit and meditate in the prayer hall if you wish to.

To reach the temple you need to avail the Avana skyway and disembark at the Chin Swee station.

SkyCasino Genting

Genting Highlands hosts one of the world's best casinos. SkyCasino is the largest among them. The casino is located within the SkyCasino shopping mall and boosts with liveliness and entertainment. There are two floors with numerous slot machines and tables for games. The big LED screens fitted against the walls continuously display the gaming tournaments. The casino is full of vibrant life with eight dining places stuffed with both Malaysian and dishes from other countries. The wooden texture of the furniture is worthy of appreciation.

Picture House Cinema Genting

An arena of movie theatres where you can watch the latest world blockbusters. The movie halls are empowered with the Dolby audio effects and are quite spacious.

SkySymphony Genting

It is Asia's largest Theatre of Lights and Sound. Its an intoxicating experience to watch the magical combination of audio and visual effects. The duration of each musical sequence is for 15 minutes and it occurs every 2 hours.

The three shows at the Theatre are the Forest, Urban Symphony and The Goddess. Each show has its unique characteristics of light and sound depiction. The Forest is a classic showcase of the various endangered animal species as 3D- drawings on the huge screen. The movie is accompanied by the warm sounds of the rainforest. It creates magnificent tranquility around. The Urban Symphony narrates a story with vibrant music and lively animations. The Goddess is a live performance of skilled artists along with the musical beats and motion graphics. The story depicts various fictional characters.

Arena of Stars

An amphitheatre with a capacity of accommodating almost 6000 people in its huge round gallery. It hosts several international musical concerts, dance or theatre performances, various international and local competitions. The gallery has a covered roof equipped with the world class audio and visual systems.

RVision City Video Games

A place of frolic and fun, attracting people of all ages. There are various gaming options available at around 300 arcade machines from different countries. The games list are updated regularly with the latest ones. There is also provision of playing hands-on games like basketball, archery, fishing, wheel of fortune etc. Children can enjoy the kid rides and mini trains

Outdoor and Indoor Theme Park

The theme park excels in its adventurous experience of the finest rides. Starting from children's rides to the most thrilling ones it is bound to keep you occupied throughout the entire day. There are passes available for availing each of the rides. Antique cars, boat rides, fun trains, Space shot ride, games park are some of the attractions of the place.

Along with its store of entertainment, Genting Highlands offers a mystic experience of Awana Horse Ranch, The Butterfly Wonderland and World of Phalaenopsis. After a scintillating experience of the entertainment zones, you can enjoy a serene experience in any of the mentioned places.

Awana Horse Ranch is a picturesque place with hills covered with green tropical forests. You can ride on a horse back and have a quick stroll throughout the jungle. The Butterfly Wonderland features some 100 varieties of butterflies flying all over. It is lovely to watch the bright coloured creatures over the flowers in the garden. World of Phalaenopsis is bound to entice you with its exotic collection of orchids. There are over 390 varieties of orchids in bright hues.

Genting Highlands attracts every year visitors from across the World with its unique gifts of entertainment. It's innumerable options of fun and enjoyment are bound to keep you engaged throughout the day. Do share your ideas of visiting the place by leaving a comment. It will be my pleasure to learn about your experiences.

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