Top 10 Christmas Movies to Watch With Family

Christmas 2022 is around the corner. It is the time when new stories get fruitfully baked with flavors of life along with the entire family. It is the time when families get together to celebrate this life and everything it offers. Christmas is the time when winter vacation gets brewed and fills up our days with joy. It is when we can sit calmly and enjoy ourselves with our friends. There is no better way to celebrate Christmas than by watching movies with neighbors, friends, and the entire family. In this article, we are going to share the top 10 amazing Christmas movies and we heartily wish a warm and happy Christmas to everyone.

The Christmas Chronicles 1 and 2

Release Year- 2018 and 2020

Duration- 1h 43m

OTT Platform- Netflix 

Director- Clay Kaytis

Cast- Kurt Russell, Darby Camp, Judah Lewis, Lamorne Morris, Kimberly Williams-Paisley

IMDB Ratings- 7/10 

The Christmas Chronicles is a series of 2 movies. The story revolves around two siblings Kate and Teddy who are grieving the loss of their father, during their first Christmas without him. They both found Santa's sleigh and accidentally crashed it. It becomes chaotic and super adventurous when they both decide to help Santa and save Christmas. This is truly a different movie than other Christmas movies. Both movies have nearly the same cast.

The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special

Release Year- 2022

Duration- 44 minutes

OTT Platform- Disney+ Hotstar

Director- James Gunn 

Cast-  Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista, Bradly Cooper, Vin Diesel, Sean Gunn

IMDB Ratings- 7/10

The guardians of the galaxy is a well-known Marvel series, it is a matter of immense joy to a Marvel fan that this time they came up with a specially produced called Holiday Special. In this movie, the guardians are on a mission to make Christmas special by finding the best present for Peter Quill, their master lord. It is unlikely Marvel but not definitely revolutionary. This movie is a mixture of innocent fun. This is definitely a must-watch Christmas movie.

A Boy called Christmas

Release Year- 2021

Duration- 1h 43m

OTT Platform- Netflix 

Director- Gil Kenan

Cast- Henry Lawful, Michiel Huisman, Maggie Smith, Kristen Wiig

IMDB Ratings- 6.7/10

This Christmas movie is a British fantasy film based on the book. The movie happens to be the true story of Saint Nicholas and how he became Santa Claus. On Christmas Eve Andrea, Moppet, and Patrick whose mother has recently died and whose father is leaving for urgent work, decide to leave his kids at Aunt Ruth. The old woman starts entertaining the children by telling Christmas tales, in this story, it is shown how Nicholas believed in Elfhelm and found a magical place of Elfhelm. Those who like to know about Santa can watch this amazing Christmas Movie.

Christmas at the Palace

Release Year- 2018

Duration- 1h 23m

OTT Platform-  Netflix, Vudu, Apple TV 

Director- Peter Hewitt 

Cast- Merritt Patterson, Andrew Cooper, India Fowler, Nicholas Banks

IMDB Ratings- 6.3/10

The story revolves around Katie and king Alexander. Alexander hires Katie to teach his daughter, a young princess, ice skating, which is the Christmas tradition of a small European country, to perform on Christmas Eve. Being a single parent, Alexander finds everything hard to handle. The real twist comes in when Alexander falls in love with his daughter's skating choreographer. This is a nice family movie to put on the bucket list for Christmas movies.


Release Year- 2019

Duration- 1h 37m

OTT Platform- Netflix 

Director- Sergio Pablos

Cast- Jason Schwartzman, Sergio Pablos, J.K Simmons, Joan Cusack, Rashida Jones

IMDB Ratings- 8.1/10

Klaus is a Spanish-American animated movie. The story revolves around Jesper, a selfish postman who is forced to relocate to Smeerensburg by his father. Somehow he joins hands with toy maker Klaus and begins to spread joy in the dark in a dreamy town. Watching this movie feels like you are in for a treat. The animation, storytelling, and artwork for this movie are absolutely gorgeous. 

Arthur Christmas

Release Year- 2012

Duration- 1h 37m

OTT Platform-  Apple TV, YouTube, Netflix 

Director- Sarah Smith

Cast- Sarah Smith, James McAvoy, Bill Nighy, Hugh Laurie, Jim Broadbent 

IMDB Ratings- 7.1/10

This is another epic computer-animated, fantasy comedy movie. It is a beautiful story, once upon a time when Santa Claus's son, Arthur found out that his father had failed to deliver one little girl's present and it was about time for it to dawn. Then Arthur, a little elf, and some reindeer embarked on their journey to deliver the gift in just 2 hours. This is an adventurous Christmas movie.

The Polar Express

Release Year- 2004

Duration- 1h 40m

OTT Platform- Amazon Prime, YouTube, Apple TV 

Director- Robert Zemeckis

Cast- Tom Hanks, Eddie Deezen, Josh Hutcherson, Daryl Sabara

IMDB Ratings- 6.6/10

In this Christmas movie, a young sweet boy embarks on a mysterious train journey to the North Pole to meet Santa Claus.  His journey becomes more adventurous when he starts interacting with co-passengers and finds out interesting facts about them. This film features human characters animated using live actions and motion capture.

Die Hard

Release Year- 1988

Duration- 2h 12m

OTT Platform-  YouTube, Apple TV

Director- John McTiernan

Cast- Bruce Willis, Alan Rickman, Bonnie Bedelia, William Atherton 

IMDB Ratings- 8.2/10

Die Hard is one of the classic movies of old times, but it is still a must-watch movie. It is an American Action thriller movie that happens to revolve around Christmas. A New york city police officer tries to save his wife and others taken hostage by terrorists during a Christmas party. This is unlike other Christmas movies, but definitely worth giving a try.

Scrooge: A Christmas Carol

Release Year- 2022

Duration- 1h 36m

OTT Platform- Netflix, YouTube 

Director- Stephen Donnelly

Cast- Luke Evans, Olivia Colman, Jessie, Fra Fee

IMDB Ratings- 6.2/10

Scrooge is a Charles Dickens Protagonist, in his novels. This movie is based on one of his novels. At the beginning of this movie, Scrooge is a cold-hearted miser who despises Christmas. And then the tale of redemption begins when Scrooge is visited by his former business partner and 3 spirits  ( The ghost of past Christmas, the ghost of present Christmas, and the ghost of future Christmas).

It's a wonderful life

Release Year- 1946

Duration- 2h 10m

OTT Platform-  Amazon Prime, YouTube 

Director- Frank Capra

Cast- James Stewart, Karolyn Grimes, Donna Reed, Virginia Patton

IMDB Ratings- 8.6/10

This movie is a classic of its time, an American Christmas fantasy movie. The movie revolves around George Bailey who gives up all his dreams and life to help others. But wishes to attempt suicide on Christmas Eve which brings to the intervention of his guardian angel, Clarence. Clarence shows him what this world would become if he dies.


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