Top 8 Diwali Vacation Destinations in India

A trip during Diwali is complete with sweets and gifts in one hand and a rucksack in the other. If you want to spend your vacation amid colorful and bright lights then we have particularly selected the top 8 Diwali vacation destinations in India.

The tourist spots described in this article will greet you with their unique Diwali vibes, traditions, and heritage. Beaming with lights and ardent zeal, it is truly wonderful to visit these Diwali vacation destinations in India.


Varanasi tops the list of best Diwali Vacation Destinations in India. Diwali in Varanasi is well-known for the purifying custom of bathing in the holy Ganges and for shopping in the market for ethnic clothing and a broad selection of sweets. You may take a boat trip at dusk and see the sparkling lights by the river. Additionally, religious chants and recitals are used to promote these. Additionally, you can see the unique firecracker display. If you have a few extra days to spare, you can also take in the Ganga Mahotsav Festival's Dev Deepawali (also known as the Diwali of the Gods).


Ayodhya is the first place to celebrate Diwali since it is the birthplace of Lord Ram and symbolizes the 14-year exile of Lord Ram, his wife Sita, and brother Laxman. You might experience sincere joy and enjoyment over here. On the banks of the Sarayu River, people gather from around Uttar Pradesh burn lanterns. The actual number of lit diyas was close to three lakh, setting a Guinness World Record.

Four days of festivities culminate in a huge party. In a beautiful ceremony, women light Diyas and carry them to the river. The city is lavishly decorated with handcrafted ornaments, lights, and papers of vivid colors. You'll be shocked and delighted to be present to commemorate this historic occurrence. The reasons above make it one of the perfect Diwali Vacation Destinations in India.


In Assam, Diwali is observed for five days. The house is adorned with flower garlands, Diyas, and lights from the very first day. Mango leaves and marigolds are also used to decorate the house's entryway. The first day that dwellings are cleaned and decorated in anticipation of Lakshmi's arrival is Dhanteras. Naraka Chaturdashi is observed on the second day, Diwali on the third, Balipadyami on the fourth, and Bhai Bij on the fifth.

Food is served to the needy on the fourth day, and on the fifth day, sisters mark their brothers' foreheads with tilak to signify their well-being. Assamese people greet one another and exchange blessings during Diwali. Due to their magnificent Diwali celebrations, Tejpur and Kaziranga are must-visit cities.


During Diwali, Jaipur's Pink City takes on bright yellow hues. All of Jaipur's buildings, from palaces to markets, are decorated with glistening lights to celebrate Diwali. To welcome the most awaited festival of the year, buildings, palaces, forts, markets, homes, and tourist destinations are illuminated brightly. It's definitely a sight for the eyes to see all the flashing lights. It's interesting because the city hosts a lot of Diwali excursions that you may sign up for if you decide to celebrate in Jaipur. The city knows how to celebrate the festival of lights in the greatest way possible by lighting up every part of the city.


The palaces and lakes of Udaipur are just the beginning of its charms. Udaipur, one of the most popular tourist destinations in the state of Rajasthan, has been named one of India's top Diwali vacation destinations. Udaipur is undoubtedly one of the ideal locations to celebrate the festival of lights, with the skies being illuminated by floating lamps in the air and fireworks, leaving quite a reflection on Lake Pichola. Additionally, the city celebrates the Udaipur Light Festival, which debuted in 2012. The lit festival features performances by artists from all around the nation, lighted food booths, and enjoyable activities with paper lanterns during the festival days.

Along with the Annakuta festival, which occurs one day after Diwali, the holy town of Nathdwara near Udaipur, also celebrates Diwali. Numerous pujas are performed, including the Govardhan puja, which is done to remember Lord Krishna's triumph against Indra, the God of Lightning.

Diwali is celebrated in many ways throughout India. While the North recognizes it as the return of Lord Rama and Goddess Sita, the south celebrates Diwali in response to Lord Krishna's victory over Narakasur. Similar to this, Kolkata celebrates Diwali as a tribute to Goddess Kali and her triumph over numerous demons and the forces of evil. Massive pandals have been built with the statues of Goddess Kali and decorations that include red hibiscus flowers, sweets, and particular foods like rice, fish, and more. Walking through Kolkata's streets, where the celebrations are extravagant, is undoubtedly a treat. Durga Puja and Kali Puja are regarded as the two main holidays celebrated in Bengal and Assam, respectively.

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When it comes to celebrating Diwali, the state capital can never fail. You would be delighted to see some of the spectacular works at the Diwali Bazaar if you were hoping to have a ball shopping in the streets of Delhi to update your home decor or clothes. Delhi definitely brightens up the city's Diwali celebrations with its fine handicrafts and yearly Dastkar Festival of Lights Diwali Mela. Throughout the city, there are numerous Diwali Melas and carnivals that you can attend while visiting.

Additionally, Delhi's opulent lodging options make for a highly upscale holiday. Given that it offers all the benefits you want to ring in the festival of lights, Delhi is definitely one of the greatest destinations to spend Diwali.


Goa is perhaps best known as the nation's party destination but still tops the list of Diwali Vacation Destinations in India. However, the coastal state observes Diwali with the same zeal as it does Christmas! In Goa, Diwali festivities are centered on Lord Krishna defeating the monster Narakasura. On Narakasura Chaturdashi, the day before Diwali, enormous and terrifying effigies are built, then destroyed. Then, Goa's cities are illuminated for the Diwali celebrations, which include a number of well-liked activities, including gambling. During Diwali, floating casinos in Goa are packed to capacity. If you do intend to celebrate Diwali in Goa this year, you should start making reservations as soon as possible.

So if you want to plan a trip to one of the top 8 Diwali vacation destinations in India, then I am sure this list will be helpful.


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