10 Best Places to Visit in Budapest

Budapest, the capital city of Hungary is iconic for hosting some of the World's famous tourist sightseeing spots. If you are eager to witness an extravagant combination of history and nightlife at a single tourist destination; then Budapest is your choice. Historic monuments, hot thermal spas, and vibrant life adorn the city. So let us explore some of the prominent and best places to visit in Budapest.

Thermal Baths

Thermal Baths or Springs are an ideal place to purify the human body and mind. The experience of soaking in the hot waters is one of the key attractions of Budapest. There are several thermal baths in the city. The key among them is the Rudas Bath, and Sz_chenyl bath. It is believed that the hot waters have significant positive healing effects like reducing pain, stress, and strain. There are both indoor and outdoor pool options for tourists. Even locals also visit the baths to refresh themselves from the daily tensions and worries.

Courtesy: https://dailynewshungary.com/history-hungarian-thermal-baths-bathing-culture/

Margaret Island

Margaret Island is one of the beautiful places to visit in Budapest. You can spend moments of solitude and calmness amid the beauty of nature. The island is an ideal place to spend a weekend with family and friends. Adorned by picturesque parks and sparkling fountains, the island is heaven in disguise. The lush greenery around is a treat to the eyes. You can spend a relaxed and peaceful time soaking into the panoramic beauty of the island.

Szechenyi Chain Bridge

Made of stone, the Szechenyi Chain Bridge connects Buda and Pest. It is constructed over the River Danube. The best way to cover the bridge is to walk across its pathway. The environment adjoining the bridge is stunning. You must specifically not miss visiting the place at night. The bridge and its adjacent buildings glow up with brightly lit illuminating lights. Their reflections create a rippling effect on the river waters, displaying an aura of glitters. It is one of the phenomenal places to visit in Budapest.

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St. Stephen's Basilica

St. Stephen's Basilica is the largest in the city. Its architectural marvel is one of the finest in the city and entices the onlookers. You must enter inside the Basilica for the captivating experience; richly embellished by intricate carvings of images and statues. The exquisite artwork illustrates the talents and skills of the ancient artisans. The Basilica is one of the ancient historical places to visit in Budapest. There is an observation deck inside the church. It offers a unique view of the city skyline.

Courtesy: Image by Anne & Saturnino Miranda from Pixabay

The Buda Castle

The Buda castle is one of the iconic places to visit in Budapest. Sprawling high, the castle is designed in the Gothic style of architecture. The dome is green in color and significantly visible from different parts of the city. A history museum, a national gallery, and a library are present inside the museum. There are few statues and images of ancient eras present within the castle premises. The castle gleams brightly at night, a must-see for the tourists.

Courtesy: Image by Robert Balog from Pixabay

Cruising on River Danube

Cruising on River Danube is one of the charming things to do in Budapest. The enigmatic beauty of the river is mesmerizing and fascinating. There are cruises available during the day and in the evening. The day cruise is mainly for sightseeing, offering a unique opportunity to witness the key destinations of the city. The evening cruise is full of fun and frolic. Dance, music, and food are offered to the visitors whilst exploring the mystic evening views of the city.

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Faust Wine Cellar

For wine lovers, a visit to the Faust Wine Cellar will be an incredible experience. You can taste some of the city's exotic wines. The entrance to the cellar is one of its kind. It is located underground and you need to climb down the stairs of the 13th-century historic era to reach the cellar. The atmosphere inside is peaceful, offering you a grand opportunity to savor the finest wine in Hungary. A sommelier will guide you throughout the wine tasting sequence.

Courtesy: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Attraction_Review-g274887-d1605002-Reviews-Faust_Wine_Cellar-Budapest_Central_Hungary.html

Great Market Hall

Shopping is a mandatory activity while visiting a tourist spot. In Budapest, the exclusive opportunity is offered at the Great Market Hall. The market has been established in the year 1897. It is housed indoors and is the largest in the city. Throughout the year, the market is flocked by locals and tourists. Innumerable items are sold in the market. Local handmade artworks, crafts, clothes, bags, jewelry, fruits, spices, and many more are traded every day. Hence ensure you have sufficient time in hand to explore the market and the wonderful products it has to offer to quench your purchasing spree.

Courtesy: Image by Arvid Olson from Pixabay

The Parliament House

 The Parliament House is one of the most popular places to visit in Budapest. The House is significantly renowned in the city. The interior décor of the building is mindblowing, demonstrating an epic combination of different architectural styles. The building is designed with a mix of the Gothic and Romanian styles of architecture. The exterior walls, domes, and facades are elegantly carved, much to the awe of the visitors. At night, the house is lit up with bright colorful lights.

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Szimpla Kert

The nightlife is one of the best and oldest in Budapest. Szimpla Kert is a pub where you can spend a happening night. The looks of the pub represent the rustic old charm of ancient ruins. The pub is double-storeyed, serving innumerable varieties of drinks. The ambiance is superb, perfect for people of all ages.

Courtesy: https://budapestcityguide.com/szimpla-kert-2/

You can visit Budapest throughout the year. But it is advisable to avoid the monsoon months as the rains may cause hindrance in sightseeing. The best is to visit during the summers from March to May and during the winter from September to November.



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    Thankyou for this wonderful insight into Budapest…you are inspiring me to visit Budapest.
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    Great places to visit, it’s too crowded with a lot of people. You think it’s safe to visit it these days? because of covid and pandemic

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    I have been to all of these places and among them I like the thermal bath for most for sure.
    Check out the historic metro as well! It’s one of the oldest in the world!

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    Hungary has been on the bucket list and I wish to be able to travel soon to see all these specially the thermal baths and the parliament house. Budapest is dreamy!!

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    Budapest is magical! it’s in my list and I do want to visit it soon enough. thank you for your guide, so good!

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    Budapest is truly beautiful, yet, it has a horrific past. Sadly, the current politics doesn’t make it any better – which is the only reason I’m not visiting. I’m waiting for it become more….democratic.

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    Wow Budapest is a beautiful place to visit. All the places you mentioned is really so beautiful to visit.

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    I am so there for the thermal batsh! I love them here in Japan, I would love them in Budapet!

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