5 Popular Summer Attractions of Dubai, UAE

Extreme summer knows no boundaries. The Gulf sector has always been notorious for scorching summers. However, metro cities like Dubai have still been faring superbly with amusing features to attract tourists even in summer. Year after year, Dubai has been amazing for us all with mindboggling summer attractions and tourist facilities. The latest one on the list is Crocodile Park among the many summer attractions of Dubai.

Even in summer tourists flocking to Dubai is commonplace. Beyond the usual places, there are a few key summer attractions of Dubai you need to try out. In fact, you never get tired of touring Dubai.

Terra Solis by Tomorrowland

The incredible summer party vibe is set in Dubai's deserts. The sand dune has been converted into a magical oasis where you are engrossed in Tomorrowland revelry. Tomorrowland, one of the biggest music festivals in the world, is behind Terra Solis. It is the ultimate summer escape party spot in Dubai. Given the nature of merriment, the venue is only open to adults aged 21 years and over. Obviously, it is one of the most popular summer attractions in Dubai now.

The unique musical retreat is complete with glamping and dining at the day-to-night party site. Experience light and sound on a different level and enjoy exquisite food from around the world.

Tomorrowland staycations started in October 2022 and will go on until June 2023. The packed booking schedule proves that the experience must be exhilarating. Polaris bell tents, Perseid lodges, and VIP Orion pool lodges are the accommodation options.

Obviously, the experience doesn't come cheap. With breakfast and a lounger by the pool included in the rate, the cheapest accommodation starts from Dhs 948 per room per night. Sunbeds, cabanas, a bar, Sala a stunning shisha lounge are a few other facilities guests can avail of at extra cost.

Crocodile Park

Visiting the much-awaited and newly opened crocodile park is a fascinating experience for residents and tourists in UAE this summer. Certainly, it is one of the most suitable summer attractions of Dubai you cannot miss. The park opened its door to the public on April 18. The family-friendly spot has been attracting visitors in good numbers since then.

The 20 thousand square meter facility houses 250 crocs of all ages and sizes. The climate-controlled environment has been built for them to thrive. You can enjoy looking at these marvelous creatures from different angles including underwater. There are also feeding stations where you can feed them safely.

The park includes a dedicated one-of-a-kind history museum, an African lake-themed aquarium, and large outdoor landscaped areas. Multiple dining outlets never let you go hungry. And to make your visit even more memorable a unique African vibe runs throughout the landscape.

Tickets are priced at Dhs95 for adults and Dhs75 for children between 3 and 12.

The Once Upon a Time museum

Yet another museum is opened to the public in UAE. The museum housed as part of Dubai's Jumeirah Mosque Majlis is an iconic spot to visit. On display are artifacts, vintage items, and photographs that take you back in time.

A glimpse into the local culture and how Emiratis lived before the UAE was formed is what is on display at the museum. The promotion of cultural exchange and understanding is also part of its existence.

Abdulla bin Eisa Al Serkal, founder of the Sheikh Mohammed Centre for Cultural Understanding (SMCC), led the inauguration of the museum. He said, “The Once Upon a Time museum is a showcase and a celebration of our culture and traditions”.

Visitors of all faith are welcomed and guided tours are conducted on six days a week except on Friday.

Booking is not required for public visits. Wearing modest clothing is advised. Ladies are required to bring their own head cover/scarf.

The Green Planet

Even the word green sounds refreshing when the temperature sores beyond 40°C. When such a cool environment is open in Dubai, why not visit it? Green Planet is an indoor tropical rainforest sustaining jungles, trees, and plants. It is Middle East's only indoor rainforest bio-dome. The Green Planet aims to raise awareness of nature conservation and climate change solutions. Considered one of the most brilliantly engineered bio-domes, it is a four-story dome. The four levels are the Canopy, the Midstory, the Forest Floor, and the Flooded Rainforest.

Housing many species of birds and animals from around the globe, the Green Planet lets you indulge in several entertaining activities as well. Here, you get to observe some of the cutest creatures up close and also some of the lethal ones.

Not just for entertainment, the facility is an informative and educational center for children and adults alike.

Popular activities include encounters with animals like sloths, anteaters, reptiles, and birds, and camping in the rainforest. How about snorkeling with piranhas? It would be fun to be a zoo keeper for a day, isn't it?

Then, there are several rainforest-themed shopping and dining centers for visitors. As a family, you are going to enjoy visiting this summer attraction of Dubai.

Tickets are priced at dhs160. Infants under two years can enter for free.


When you discuss the entertainment attractions of Dubai, the list is incomplete if it doesn't involve a technologically and digitally innovative zone.

AYA is a glimpse into the future through the support of advanced technology. With this aim, an otherworldly ambiance is orchestrated using lights, sounds, and mirrors.

The park is divided into 12 zones, with each meant to evoke a specific reaction from guests.

‘Travel a lot' is the theme conveyed at the park. What is meant by that is that you are traveling to a distant universe and interacting with technology like never before.

Out-of-this-world, one-of-its-kind experiential entertainment park, AYA is sure to provide an entertaining and edifying experience to visitors. Be amazed through the transformative journey in the 40 thousand square feet of the vibrant interactive facility. Tickets are priced at dhs125. Infants under three years can enter for free.



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