6 Astounding Themed Resorts in India

People travel for adventure, fun, knowledge or leisure. Staying in state of the art resorts are a desire and passion for many. And I count myself in for that choice and willingness. Its true I have stayed in many resorts in India mostly and abroad in few. Each one of them bears with it a unique feature distinguishing from one another. They differ from the traditional hotels or motels we normally see in many cities. I do love staying at resorts and with that thought in mind, we are starting a series on themed resorts. The first of the series being themed resorts in India. We will continue with other countries and regions subsequently.

Glenburn Tea Estate Resort, Darjeeling

Many of your readers who frequently visit our website must have already read about our posts on Darjeeling in , the eastern part of India. The nature's brilliance presence at this place is amazing. You can revamp your stay at this wondrous hamlet by spending your vacation at the Glenburn Tea Estate Resort. It is one of the spectacular themed resorts in India. Flanked by the lush green mountains, the terraced tea plantations and the dense forests, it is an incredible experience to stay in the resort. Soaking your minds and immersing your soul into the heavenly atmosphere is what we want when we move out of our daily life into the vicinity of nature.

The estate covers a massive area of 1600 acres, with a beautiful curated garden and comfortable rooms. You can enjoy plucking tea leaves in the gardens, an experience you dont want to miss. The best time to visit Darjeeling is from October till April. In the winters, it is too chilled though. Monsoons must be strictly avoided as the rains ruin the view of the mountains and the landscape around.

The Machan, Lonavala

Lonavala in Maharashtra, western part of India, is a very popular destination among tourists. The serenity of the place encompassed by greenery, waterfalls, gardens, hillocks, is something we metro city dwellers crave for. The resorts at Lonavala offer the tranquility and bliss we look for. Among which Machan is one of the breathtaking themed resorts in India, situated in this pristine place. It is famous among couples due to the romantic atmosphere created by nature's wonders. Watching the golden hue of the sun rays casting a spell during the sunrise and the sunset, is something you would definitely love to experience.

The resort is well maintained. The garden is full of bright flowery plants and trees. Food and drinks offered at the resort is delectable. The theme followed is that of a tree house providing a thrilling experience during your stay. Listening to the birds chirping in the morning, sipping in a cup of coffee or tea, relaxing and witnessing the beauty of Mother Nature. Yes thats how you can spend your time peacefully at the resort.

Mandarin Village Resort, Sikkim

Mandarin Village Resort is located in West Sikkim, a state in eastern part of India. It is considered as one of the prominent themed resorts in India; majorly due to its location, 5600 feet above sea level. Situated amid the Himalayan mountain ranges, the beauty of the resort is mesmerizing. The theme followed is that of a traditional rural place in India. The gorgeous view of the Mount Kanchenjunga looming in front of your eyes, is just an experience of a lifetime. I can bet you will feel returning back to the resort again and again like an unforgettable memory.

Spread across an area of 23 acres, the resort is well preserved and maintained. The magical play of hide and seek by the fluffy white clouds and the bright sun rays glorify the magnificent beauty of the place. Its a perfect resort to spend time in solitude with family or friends in between the enchanting charm of nature.

Sula Vineyards, Nasik

I am aware many of my friends have visited wineries and love wine-tasting as well as observing the process of wine making. For them I would love to mention about Sula Vineyards in Nasik, a town in the state of Maharashtra. The interesting part is, it is the first wine resort in India. You must not miss tasting their specialty wine during your stay at the resort. With the rooms created by the wine concept in mind, Sula Vineyards is one of the exotic themed resorts in India.

If you happen to spend your vacation at the resort, definitely sit by the pool and enjoy a glass of their wine. You can feel the freshness in the air, the soothing environment around you and the calm breeze relaxing your mind. Many digital nomads and remote professionals prefer staying at the resort due to its comfort combined with nature's beauty.

Orange County Kabini, Mysore

Mysore is a city in Karnataka, southern part of India, renowned for historical heritage and architectural marvel. Each year there are thousands of visitors in Mysore to experience the history of ancient India along with its natural beauty. And if you want to spend your time amid nature, Orange Country Kabini is the best option. Located at the banks of the river Kabini, it is one of the beautiful themed resorts in India. The theme followed here is that of wild life; offering a thrilling vacation to spend with family or friends.

An interesting part of staying in the resort is to experience the lifestyle of the local Kadu Kuruba tribe. You can mingle with them and engage in their traditional tribal cultural activities. The resort provides a superb combo of nature, tribal life, wildlife and its astonishing flora.

Red Hill Resort, Ooty

Ooty is a small yet beautiful hill station in the state of Tamil Nadu, southern part of India. Travelling along the mountain trails and wrapping with nature's enigmatic beauty, thats the experience you can feel in Ooty. Its a perfect place for a weekend getaway. So why not stay at Red Hill, one of the remarkable themed resorts in India. The unique feature of the resort is the antique look adorning its cottages. It offers you moments of solitude and bliss, far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Located at a height of about 7000 feet from sea level, the resort brings in a sense of happiness and delight as you step inside its premises. The hills surrounding it and the view of the dazzling Lake Emerald further enhance its aura.

Hope you enjoyed reading about the themed resorts in India. Please share your valuable feedback and we would like to hear about your experiences as well. Till then stay happy and healthy.



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