7 Best New Year’s Movies to Watch

Curtains are coming down on year 2020. The excitement and anticipation with which it started wore off quickly. Another year is upon us and let us look forward to it. Unlike previous years, the year-end celebrations this year could be a lot different. At least for a lot of people the Covid-19 restrictions can play the spoil sport. By now, however, we all are used to the mask-social distancing–indoor lifestyle. Sure enough many of us going to be glued to the telly during these days.

Watching movies and different series have been a great way of spending time for many of us. Luckily, Netflix and HBO have made their presence conspicuous in this regard. Let us wind up the year watching the best new year's movies based on true stories released in the last couple of years.

Sergio (2020, English & Portuguese, 1h 59m)

A heartrending account of scenarios in Baghdad, post-Saddam Hussein era in 2003. Sergio is a diplomat from the UN on a mission in Iraq. Soon after his arrival in Baghdad with his team including his girlfriend, Carolina, he implements UN policies. In his quest to quickly handover independence to Iraq, he stands in the way of American diplomat Paul Bremer. Being one from Rio de Janeiro, he often tells Carolina they would soon return to Rio. A bomb explosion at the hotel where they work rattles their plans. The storyline goes back and forth showcasing the life of multilingual Sérgio Vieira de Mello from different phases. One of the best new year's movies to watch and thrill your minds.

Jailbreak Pact (2020, Spanish, 2h 18m)

A group of political prisoners in Public Prison, Santiago plots a plan to escape. The turn of events replicated in the movie happened over a span of 18 months. The prison life, political agendas, police wrath, and family visits are portrayed intermittently. The pact is precariously poised considering the sheer length of the tunnel to be dug and the number of people involved. Did the earthquake at one point shatter their plans? The movie unravels the largest jailbreak in the history of Chile. It happened in Jan 1990, one of the best new year's movies I recommend for you.

Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile (2019, English, 1h 50m)

An outstanding depiction of the vicious life of Ted Bundy from the 70s-80s. A man who could make his girlfriend, Liz, feel top of the world with his mere presence. Ted has been convicted of attempted abduction and accused of murders in different states. He successfully convinces Liz of his innocence and argues not guilty at the court on all occasions. Even a plea bargain admitting him to be guilty to avert the death penalty is snubbed by him. Majority of the movie revolves around his stay in the jail and trial. The suspense element runs till the end. And the lengthy title is justified by confronting the truth. My recommendation as one of the best new year's movies.

Becoming Astrid (2018, Swedish and Danish, 2h 4m)

From an old self of Astrid going through letters received, the story flips back to sixteen years old version of Astrid. Even as a young girl, she is fidgety and ‘different'. As against the pious upbringing of her family, she always looked animated. An opportunity to work at Vimmerby Tidning with Reinhold Blomberg as his intern changes her life slowly. She is hardworking and creative and soon impresses Reinhold in every way – even physically. To keep her pregnancy a secret, she is forced to leave her hometown. Complexities only multiply thereafter. The journey of Astrid (1907-2002) becoming popular Swedish author of children's books series is remarkable.

Shakuntala Devi (2020, Hindi, 2h 7m)

From the brief opening scene where Anupama saying yes to sue her mother the story goes back to Shakuntala's childhood in the 1930s. Gifted young Shakuntala is being seen startling everyone with her mathematical skills. Her prowess soon becomes the source of income for the poor family. Later, she leaves for London after learning her boyfriend has not been truthful to her. After a troublesome start in London, she ends up at the Royal Mathematical Society. The growth of Shakuntala a.k.a “human computer” develops faster thenceforth. With the help of Javier, her popularity moves up to the next level. In the race, is she losing something? Does her daughter, Anupama grow up loving her?

18 presents (2020, Italian, 1h 55m)

A sentimentally touching story well told. And it is inspired by the true story of a woman who was diagnosed with terminal cancer. Elisa's life is filled with beautiful and busy moments with her boyfriend. Soon, however, disheartening news strikes the couple. Elisa is already pregnant when she discovers she has terminal cancer and will soon die. Hence she decides to leave 18 presents for her daughter Anna before she dies. Every year Anna gets one present. Anna grows up to be a stubborn girl who never understands her mother's love and sacrifice. The rebellious teenager becomes uncontrollable by her father. The storyline takes a diverted route after a minor accident to her. She meets her mother and gets to know her. By the time she turns 18, she accepts and appreciates her mother's love for her.

Lost Girls (2020, English, 1h 36m)

An unsolved American mystery, the movie is subtitled. The serial killings in Long Island, NY may have happened through 2007, and it is still shrouded with mystery. Mari Gilbert is a single mother of three girls. Shannan one of her daughters – who is an escort – stays away from them and promises to join them for dinner one night. She doesn't turn up and it upsets Mari. Soon they realize she could be in trouble. From her boyfriend to driver to the place where she visited last, it is a long day for the family. Shannan's last call was to 911. Determined Mari with her other two girls begins the relentless search for Shannan. It is just the beginning of something creepier than the missing case of one girl.

Happy 2021 ahead !!!



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