8 Best Animated Movies Since 2015

After lockdown, many countries are limping back to normalcy and with it, the schools are holding regular sessions too. However, smaller kids apparently should wait to jog to school. Having to deal with them day after day at home is no light business. Recreations and good distractions can keep them constructively busy to some extend though. Along with the previous list of kids movies in the blog, below you have a list of best animated movies.

A dose of best animated movies at timely intervals can keep any kid settled for a while. Well, I understand, some of these can keep even adults glued to the screen. My roommate is no exception! So, it is show time kiddos.

The Lion King (2019, 1h 58m)

Animal kingdom at the liveliest best, made by Walt Disney Pictures. The remake of the Lion King (1994) is one of the best animated movies of the year. Lion King Mufasa ruled the Animal Kingdon. Simba was his newborn cub. Several of the dialogues between the two are philosophical, meaningful, and inspiring. Simba who is the potential king after Mufasa's time faces challenges and competition from his own pride. Hyenas will not miss an opportunity to take over the animal Kingdome. A perfect trap to annihilate the King and the prince almost gets the desired result. Being forced to run away from the Kingdom, Simba is helped by new friends and a new philosophy “Hakuna Matata”.

Onward (2020, 1h 43m)

Life in the city of New Mushroomton, with all the modern amenities, seems fine, except for Ian. Brothers Ian and Barley lost their father when they were kids. They live with their mother in the town. Ian is in high school and has several plans. He lacks confidence to execute them. On his 16th birthday, his mother presents him a Magical Staff that belonged to his father. With it they get a letter written by their father to both Ian and Barley. Letter speaks about a world full of wonder, adventures and magic yet how they vanished. The movie is all about their decision to check the magic left in the letter and the world it spoke about.

Red shoes and the seven dwarfs (2019, 1h 32m)

A South Korean fantasy tale of a group of seven princes and Snow White. Snow stumbles upon a pair of red shoes that magically transforms her to a charming princess. The seven princes who have been cursed to be dwarfs are met by Snow. She is in search of her father and the dwarfs need a kiss to come out of the curse. Prince Average is on pursuit of Snow A.K.A Red Shoes in her transformed image. Different monsters attack the Seven and Red Shoes who together fight back making the story engaging. Merlin, one of the princes whose sacrificial act breaks the curse and frees everyone.

Moana (2016, 1h 48m)

It is perhaps one of the best animated movies from Walt Disney Pictures in 2016. A volcanic monster foils Maui's attempt to steal the heart-stone of Te Fiti. The story is fast-forwarded to thousand years thence. The village chief's daughter, Moana's first visit to the sea is a bewitching sight, though short-lived. Every time she moves towards the sea, she is brought back by her father. According to him, to be the next chief of the island, she is not to be in the sea but with her people. She soon encounters the story from the past and retrieving the heart-stone becomes fascinating sail.

Coco (2017, 1h 44m)

Miguel is not like the rest of his family. No one in his family likes music and there is a reason for it. While his family wants him to follow the tradition, he loves training with his guitar secretly. He decides to participate in Day of the Dead talent show and runs away from home since no one supports him. His passion to be a musician takes him to a world of family of skeletons, yet he doesn't give up. Will he be reunited with his loving family or stay on with the dead and play music? Since the story is set in Mexico, a few conversations and songs are in Spanish.

Frozen II (2019, 1h, 43m)

While watching this one, I kept wondering why it had to be an animated movie. Let alone the details, narration and the graphics, the story is fascinating. Connection of human beings, nature, elements of the earth and magic are well brought out. The mystery shredded story intertwined with humour, romance and magic can catch anyone's attention. Elsa must traverse to Ahtohallan, a magical river to unbox the past and free the forest. Frozen I was released in 2013.

Mosley (2019, 1h 37m)

Thoriphants can talk which also becomes the reason for their servitude. Mosley, a thoriphant, should toil had for his master to look after his small family. At one point, he decides to reach the City of Uprights to get help. He is in for a bad surprise when he reaches the city with all excitement. He understands the bitter truth “evolution is not making them extinct but makes them bend”. Once he realizes that he is not a property of someone else, he looks forward to liberating himself and his family.

Kung Fu Panda III (2016, 1h 35m)

“Never underestimate the power of dramatic entrance”. Without this movie and the tag lines, the list cannot be complete. It is the sequel to 2011 and 2008 versions of Kung Fu Panda. Master Oogway's and Shifu's words of wisdom and Pos' animated presence make this movie one of the best animated movies. Po is made the kung fu trainer by Shifu, but the classes didn't turn out to be very productive. The bull faced spirit Kai is all set to overpower all the masters in China. The dragon warrior must stop him. With a lot of drama, suspense, emotions, humour and philosophy, the story is a class act.



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