A Beautiful Love Story – Memorable Wedding

Guest Post by Author Ashley – A Beautiful Love Story

I was commissioned to write about a wedding that took place on Friday 7/Aug/20. I eagerly waited for this day as it was my first article about a wedding. I've written many articles yet this one was bound to be special. The day had arrived and I headed to Hotel Troy for my assignment. The start of a beautiful Love Story.

The Perfect Weather

It was a beautiful morning, the sun was shining which was a true blessing. No one wishes for rain on their special day. I arrived at the main gate, and the security guard took my temperature. This has become the norm for the current pandemic. I proceeded to the main grounds to check how work was going. After it was meant to a spectacular love story, a wedding to be remembered.

My Glamorous Client

The decor team was very busy and everyone seemed to know what they were required to do to make this event a success. I made my way to the main Hotel which is just a stone throw away from the garden. I met this lady glammed up and I asked her if she had seen my client; only to realise this was my client whom I work with. I had not seen her with makeup; am such a blond!! 

The Guests

Wairimu took me round to the Conference room where her sisters including Chris's mum were getting ready. There was an amazing ambience as guests and members of staff were all excited about the big day which was long overdue. Everyone I interviewed spoke highly of  Chris; not just he happens to be their boss, he is an amazing person all around. 

I was very lucky to chat with the groom's granddad who was an absolute delight to talk to. He spoke to me in Kikuyu which I understand perfectly yet speaking it's a whole different story. He seemed to understand me not sure to what extent. Talk about' lost in translation'. He was dressed in a black suit, very smart. He waited patiently for his grandson to finish getting ready so they could all head to the church. ‘Guka' as everyone kept referring to him as, was very time conscious; kept looking at his watch. 

The Handsome Groom

Chris (the groom) finally emerged and he looked apart. He wore a white well-fitted blazer and black trousers. I had interviewed him, yet I requested a short brief chat. My notebook was ready. I quickly shot one question after the other. I felt like a reporter, I think in my past life I must have been a journalist at BBC. Chris is a hotelier by profession. Prior to moving back to Kenya; he had lived, studied and worked in the USA for many years. He made the decision huge decision to relocate back home. Interestingly, he took the plunge moved back and start afresh something that I am very familiar with.

He met the love of his life at a social gathering and he must have fallen for her from thereon. Finally, he proposed to Judy at Enshipai Lodge in Naivasha. He mentioned that he pulled everything out of the bag to make the proposal everything he had envisioned, anything humanly possible to see Judy's smile. Truly an amazing love story.

Chris is very happy to be back home and works at his parents hotel who are hoteliers. Chris was very focused on the day and was very relaxed. He spoke with much clarity and the moment I asked about his wife to be, his face lit up. That's true love right there. Love is a beautiful thing. 
Had to let Chris go as he had to head off to the Church. I embarked on my project for the day and took a few photos of Hotel Troy and went back to the garden. 

My Breakfast

The Hotel manager was very concerned as it was past eleven and I had not had breakfast. He quickly organised some breakfast. I had samosas and a much-needed cup of black coffee. This is what I call going the extra mile. He anticipated the need and solved the problem. I was truly humbled by the service I received. After all, I am a sucker for the top of the tier five star service I refuse to settle for less. I must say Hotel Troy came through just as I had expected. 

The Arrival of the Guests

By 3 pm, all the invited guests had arrived rocking their face masks and very stylish outfits. The colour thyme was green and cream, I made sure I adhered to the bride's wishes. The guests were able to showcase their individual style too. There were no matching outfits which I absolutely found to be unique about this wedding. All waiting to witness the grand love story.

Grand Arrival of Bride and Groom

Suddenly, I could see all the three cameramen running towards the entrance and my heart started beating faster than the cars that race at the Grand Prix. This was the moment that we all had been waiting for. The bride and groom had arrived. 
We formed two vertical lines and the mc lead us to this very popular song performed at all weddings in Kenya whether Kikuyu, Lou or Kamba this song is always on the playlist. Werokamu(welcome) it's a welcome song. 

The Beautiful Bride

When Judy emerged from the white Lexus, my mouth literally dropped, what a sight for sore eyes. She is stunningly beautiful and I remember saying it out loud. She blew my socks off. He dress was well fitted. She choose a mermaid one and she wore it well. She could easily pass for a model. 

The Celebrations

The mood changed, both young and old danced along to the very carefully selected playlist by Judy. She wanted songs that were respectful and fit for their special day. Everyone was busy showing off their moves even those with two left feet. I was not left out, I too joined in after all I love dancing.     

We finally got a chance to rest our sore feet. I was starving and could not wait for the food to be served. I happened to sit at the same table as Judy's close friend's. Judy's accountant Mercy Murundi who is a lawyer and Mercy Mutua who made the wedding cake. Mercy Murundi met Judy in church and they have been friends ever since.

They spoke about Judy with a lot of admiration. They all agreed that Judy is a God-fearing person and is not shy at all to speak her mind. She is very hardworking and started her business in her apartment. Within a very short time, Judy is the proud owner of two boutiques in Nairobi. A true Entrepreneur, no wonder Chris fell for her. She knows exactly what she was and this is a very attractive trait to possess. 

The Sumptuous Food

Our conversation was cut short by the waiters who put the starter in front of us. Of course, I took a photo before polishing it off. The starter was well presented, prawns and tropical avocado with honey mustard on a bed of salad. I was lost in my thoughts and I was brought back to life by the sweet aroma of roasted butternut squash soup. This went down a thrill. Before long the Entree was upon us. This was magnificent to look at and mouth-watering. We had beef tenderloin stuffed on boneless chicken. This was seasoned to perfection. Hotel Troy made sure every meal that was served was not only delicious but the presentation was remarkable Gordon Ramsey would agree with me.

While we enjoyed the spread, recorded messages from Chris's friends in America were playing and we all listened in. One message that stood out, was from a chap that went to university with the groom. He explained that Chris was caring and was so in love with Judy this made my eyes watery. It's a wedding, they are bound to be emotional. He added that Judy had changed his life for the better. Thumbs up Judy for representing all the Kamba's out there. Soo proud of this lady, not that I too happen to be Kamba; more importantly, it's how she carried her self throughout the day.

The Newly Weds

The newlyweds walked hand in hand the entire time. This is true love and it definitely was meant to be. I got soo emotional watching them as I captured 300+ photos and videos of the entire event. A prelude to a splendid love story.

A Wedding to Remember

These two were meant to tie the knot on the 27th of June; it was postponed for the pandemic, curfew and lockdown. This day meant everything to the love birds. They had waited for long for this day to arrive. The whole day was a buzz, everyone wished them all the very best and had longed for this very day. 

Did I mention I had to skip dessert as I was soo full I regret eating too much? Dessert was a medley of tropical fruits and chocolate mouse. All I could do is watch everyone tucked in. It looked very delicious. 

It was an honour to have been invited to this wedding. Wish Chris and Judy a beautiful life together. This was a ‘true love story' 



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5 thoughts on “A Beautiful Love Story – Memorable Wedding

  • August 19, 2020 at 3:47 am

    Hahahahahhah wow this really beautiful. any time i see wedding like this, i always feel like am the one wedding. marriage is beautiful when you meet the right partner, i really wish to meet the right one soon. and i have always pray to become the best husband and the best father. i see the smile and togetherness between the two newly wedded couple. WISH THEM THE BEST

  • August 19, 2020 at 6:43 pm

    Both the bride and groom are awesome. Also the celebrations, food & everything is wonderful & done by keeping social distancing in mind. 👌🏼👌🏼

  • August 19, 2020 at 10:23 pm

    What a nice wedding celebration. The food looks amazing too! Congrats and best wishes to the newlywed couple!

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