Short Stories for Kids Series 1 – “A Matter of Time”

Starting our new “Short Stories for Kids Series”. Please read and let us know your feedback on our First Story.

We are all stuck at home for more than 45 days now to fight this COVID-19 pandemic. Even if we are working from home and we have to do every household chore ourselves, we still feel stuck. However, I feel it is most difficult for children to cope up with this situation. For them, the world seems to have stopped. It is obvious that they feel lonely when their guardians are busy working the whole day. They genuinely miss their school and the playground. While thinking of these kids, I came up with this story to make them smile and I believe we adults also want to relive our childhood at times. To create a world of kids, I have used imperfect sketches, bright colours and the story is on pen and paper. Have fun while reading.

Even as an adult, whenever I feel stuck, I resort to the way of the caterpillars. One day they fly like butterflies. Life is all about ‘matter of time'. This story is for the kids to value friendship and admire the elements from nature. But it is also for all of us to understand that we are all born to fly, it is only a matter of time.

We would be soon coming with new stories as part of our “Short Stories for Kids Series” with the objective of nurturing your child's brains and allowing them to cultivate their minds.

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