A Serene Walk To Kharota Village in Dharamshala

During my 10 days trip to Himachal Pradesh, the small treks and walks were the most exciting part of my journey. One such was a serene and quaint walk to Kharota village in Dharamshala. Many do camp at the site and spend overnight. I didn't do that. My objective was to reach the village, meet the villagers and have a glimpse of their livelihood. More importantly, enjoy the walk to Kharota village.

The Walking trail

The initial walking trail to the Kharota village was rocky but not very rough. I could easily walk up balancing myself firmly on the rocks. The air was refreshing around and hence didn't feel the exhaustion. The place is offbeat, it was not crowded and hence the climb was comfortable. The roads are clean, much to the delight of the visitors. The more I moved upwards, the view of the landscape seemed to be more and more enticing. The trail in the mid of the journey and at the end was not rocky at all. It was smooth and with steps. Even the steps were not very steep. Overall a comfortable journey, but it is always better to have good shoes and light clothes.

Meet the villagers

As you enter Kharota village, you will be glad to watch the smiling faces of the villagers. They even greet and welcome you to have a cup of tea at their houses. The villagers are extremely hard-working and involved in multiple activities.

The boundaries and walls of the houses are majorly made of slate. Beautiful plants and flowers adorn the village surroundings. A well is under construction which will supply fresh spring water from the mountains to the village. There was calmness and peace around, which we seldom witness in our everyday city life.

Greenery along the trail

One of the best parts of the walking trail to Kharota village was the greenery along both sides of the path. The views of the mountains from the top and the dense forests were a treat to the eyes. Even though the walk was long, the environment around rejuvenated me to proceed forward without feeling the tiredness. I totally enjoyed the walk, the melodious chirping of the birds, and the breeze brushing past me. The place, as I enquired, is safe and secure even in the dark.

The night view

It was evening and dark once I descended down the trail. The night view of Dharamshala was visible, with the lights blinking across the terraced slopes. The place was alluring to watch with the darkness around and spots of glittering lights visible here and there; scattered through the town. The start and end of the journey to and fro Kharota village, each had its unique beauty and identity. I like visiting offbeat places and this was a good discovery.

If you happen to visit Dharamshala, do not miss visiting Kharota village. I bet you will not regret it.



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