Biggest Hot Air Balloon Festival at Pushkar

Gear up for the flight of your life with a unique Hot Air Balloon Festival !!

One of India's holiest cities is Pushkar. This tiny village in Rajasthan offers a glimpse into Hindu traditions and rituals along the Pushkar Lake's shores. And most importantly it hosts the biggest Hot Air Balloon festival. You will fly over the historic structures below as well as the desert-like splendor of the area surrounding the city in the Hot Air Balloon. You'll feel the thrill building as soon as you descend into the roomy basket below and settle into your own personal compartments. As the balloon fills, it starts to rise and pull at the basket, and before you know it, you're no longer on solid ground.

This year the Hot Air Balloon festival started on 1st November and ended on 9th November.

Hot Air Ballooning Ride

Prepare for the trip of your life as you soar over Pushkar, the holiest city in Rajasthan! You will float above Pushkar Lake, passing through the shifting sand dunes, bathing pilgrims, and congested ghats. If you time it just so, you may fly over the Pushkar Camel Fair in a hot air balloon and take in all the vibrant colors below.

Depending on the weather, your actual flight lasts between 45 and 60 minutes, and you reach heights of between 2000 and 4000 feet. Do budget a total of 4-5 hours for the adventure.

In addition to the Hot air balloon festival, the Pushkar Fair also features folk music and dances, Ferris wheels, magic shows, cultural events, and competitions like the Matka Phod, Longest Moustache, Bridal Competition, Rajasthani Group Dance, Camel Race, Camel Decoration, Camel Dance Competition, Women's Matka Race, and Tug of War.

View from your Balloon Ride

Sand dunes, a lake, hills, and forest are a unique combination in Pushkar, a charming small town encircled by Pushkar Lake. Despite its most well-known association with the Camel Fair, this oasis community is much more than that. Gliding over the maze of alleys, lanes, bazaars, and ghats will help you appreciate the charm of this serene town. One of the many reasons to visit Pushkar is for spiritual purposes and Hot Air Balloon Festival. The frenzied activity surrounding the renowned Pushkar Lake and the sole Brahma Temple in the nation.

Beautiful sunrises and sunsets over the lake and sand dunes are just a couple of its natural attractions. These aerial vistas from a Pushkar hot air balloon ride will provide plenty of Instagram-worthy moments. In the nearby villages, photographers will have no trouble getting some fantastic shots of happy people wearing bright clothing. Kalbelia women can be seen dancing in the sand dunes, and Bhopa musicians can be heard playing Ravanhatha in the market, by the lake, or in the desert. Prepare to board a balloon in Pushkar and take in the magic there.

History of Pushkar Fair

The hot air balloon festival is integral to the Pushkar Fair or Pushkar Mela. The fair, which initially served as a marketplace for camels and horses, slowly evolved into a great display of the vivid culture and legacy of the Indian State of Rajasthan. In a nutshell, the century-old Pushkar Fair combines commercial, cultural, and religious pursuits.

A significant portion of Rajasthan tourism is now devoted to Pushkar ka Mela and the Hot air Balloon Festival, located amidst charming Havelis, forts, palaces, Jain temples, and traditional colors.

Safety Guide for Hot Air Balloon Festival

Here are some safety guidelines to keep in mind if you're going to a hot air balloon event or intend to ride one while in Pushkar.

Dress Properly

Despite the brilliant fireball above your head, hot air balloons may become chilly at high altitudes. Dress warmly while maintaining breathability and freedom of movement. Close-toed, supportive footwear may also assist you in keeping your balance after landing.

Always follow the pilot's lead

Even though hot air balloon flights can be unexpected, seasoned pilots have a solid sense of what to anticipate when flying a balloon. Pay attention to whatever instructions the pilot gives you before you take off, throughout the flight, and as you land. These guidelines are provided for your protection.

Get ready for landing

It's common for hot air balloon rides to have bumpy landings. You can protect yourself from harm from a forceful landing by maintaining your balance as the balloon descends and being aware of your surroundings. Your pilot will alert you when it's time to prepare yourself. Remember that in order to ensure a safe landing for everyone on board, you might be required to squat or bend.

How to Reach?

You can reach Pushkar for celebrating Hot Air Balloon Festival in 3 ways;

By Air

Despite not having its own airport, Sanganer airport serves as the gateway to Pushkar. All of the nation's major cities have flights that can be used to get to Pushkar via Sanganer. Outside the Sanganer Airport, taxis, buses, and shared taxis are also conveniently accessible.

By Road

By road, Pushkar has good access to several regions of the nation. On the National Highway that connects the city to the rest of the country, buses, vehicles, and taxis can be utilized to get to Pushkar and vice versa.

By Rail

The closest train station that may be easily reached to get to Pushkar is Ajmer Junction. Ajmer station, which is 11 kilometers away, has connections to many areas of Rajasthan and India. Regular trains depart from the station; thus one can board one in accordance with that.

However, though the Hot Air Balloon Festival at Pushkar has long past gone in November but brace yourself for the next year 2023.


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