A Short Tour of Puducherry in India

Puducherry, a simple and beautiful town in Southern India, is an enchanting travel destination visited by tourists from all over India and abroad. I had the privilege of visiting this spectacular place. In this article, I would like to share my experiences of the prominent places to visit in Puducherry.

Puducherry was originally called as Pondicherry and was a French colony. It is a perfect place to spend a memorable vacation with family and friends at the shores of the mighty Bay of Bengal. The place is dotted with natural beauty and historical buildings, a unique combination for a mesmerizing experience.

The Beaches in Puducherry

Puducherry is famous for its serene and tranquil beaches with golden sands and shimmering sea waters. You can entertain yourself with the glittering sunrise and sunset spreading a radiant glow across the blue sky.

 The prominent among the beaches of Puducherry is Paradise beach. The journey towards the shorelines of the beach is astonishing. Boarded on a ferry you can travel along the backwaters to reach the beach shores. The thick mangrove forests adorning the backwaters create a thrilling experience. The total time of the journey is almost 30 minutes. As you reach the beach you would be greeted by the chirping of the birds and the splashing sound of the waves. Well since I am not a water sports enthusiast I did not embark on water sports. But many tourists engage in water sports and beach football. An interesting part is to watch the fishermen skillfully tying up their fishing nets and rods to start for the catch of the day.

The next prominent beach which you can visit is the Promenade. The entrance of the beach is special in that it hosts the statue of the Father of our Nation, Mahatma Gandhi. The shoreline of the beach is a perfect spot for entertainment and refreshment adorned by cafes, restaurants, food and beverage stalls, shops, monuments, and hotels. The beach is a bit rocky here with the shorelines lined up with huge black stones. You can sit on the rocks and enjoy the astounding views of the gorgeous sea.

Serenity Beach is one of the charming and quiet places to visit in Puducherry. The white colors of the sands create a relaxing atmosphere at the backdrop of the crystal sea waters. The beach is quite isolated and perfect for surfing. Auro Beach is another beautiful beach in Puducherry where the sea is calm. You can sit and relax at the beach or enjoy a cool dip into the sea waters.

Aurobindo Ashram

Puducherry is famous for the ashram of Sri Aurobinda, the legendary saint with thousands of disciples spread all over the world. Here people come to attain divinity and peace. The moment you enter the ashram you will be transformed into a heavenly state and an atmosphere of solitude. You can sit and meditate inside the ashram in a soothing environment.

The ashram has facilities to stay and also enjoy its delicious veg meals at breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I did not put up at the ashram guest house but enjoyed the lunch. You need to get the relevant passes to avail of the facilities of the ashram. There is also a library, art gallery, nursing home, playground and dairy farms inside the ashram.

The “Auroville” Town

Auroville is a small township that was founded by the disciple of Aurobindo known as The Mother. Her original name was Mirra Alfassa. It is a beautiful place where people from different traditions and cultures come and stay together in peace and harmony. The main objective of building the township was to create an intelligent educational hub for students belonging to different nationalities. It is really amazing to watch such a noble deed was initiated by the Mother and until today her students and disciples try their best to follow her guidelines. At the center of this epic city lies the beautiful Matrimandir, dedicated to the Mother. The temple is an astounding architectural beauty shaped like a globe.

The Churches in Puducherry

The two famous churches in Puducherry which you must not miss to visit are the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Our Lady of Angels. Both churches are a symbol of religious and sacred beliefs and thoughts. Their artistic simplicity is truly amazing and worthy of appreciation. They depict the ancient history of Puducherry which was dominated by the French colonies.

I tried to share my experiences as much as possible. There may be more places to visit in Puducherry. Do share your experiences of you have any?

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