Celebrate The Glory Of Rich Culture At Rann Utsav 2022

The scenic beauty, rich culture, white sandy desert, beautiful sunrise and sunset, clear skies, and wildlife attractions will surely give an adrenaline rush to tourists visiting the Rann of Kutch, Gujarat. Imbibing a rich culture and history within this place, it has become a popular tourist spot. To enhance its glory, this place started celebrating Rann Utsav every year since 2006.

Interesting Facts

In the parched lands of Kutch, an abundance of various tones, profusion, and perfection of design, the verdure of culture, and richness of music and dance combine to produce a mosaic of exquisiteness that embodies the identity and soul of the area. A place of art, crafts, music, dance, people, nature, and personified culture Kutch is one of the state's most environmentally and racially varied districts. Every year, the Kutch or Rann Utsav is a festival extravaganza abounding with hospitality, vitality, and traditional flavor of the area staged during the full moon night of the winter amid the breathtaking and contrasting scenery.

This carnival, held at several locations throughout Kutch, takes visitors on a tour of the region's majestic natural scenery and introduces them to its native cultures and ethnicities. The semi-arid Grasslands of the Banni are the venue for the region's diverse array of arts and crafts. They also host the most stunning display of local traditional architecture. The most enthralling experience is provided by a variety of folk music and dance acts that are organized in the sparkling lunar countryside. The vibrant fairs hosted by the shores of lakes and beaches fill one with a mood of celebration, fervor, and flamboyance, while organized tours of Kutch are the perfect way to immerse oneself in the area and witness the energy and individuality of the locals through a festival of life!

Date and Place for Rann Utsav

It started on 26th October 2022 and will stretch till 20th February 2023.

The festival, which is held in the bleak desert throughout the winter, provides a number of adventurous activities. The Great Rann of Kutch is a white terrain that covers an area of over 7,505 km, making it one of the world's largest salt deserts.

Rann Utsav starts in Bhuj city and travels across the neighborhood before returning to the starting point for its spectacular finish.

History of Rann Utsav

The Gujarat Tourism Department launched the Rann Utsav. It was established in 2006, and Narendra Modi, Gujarat's then-chief minister, gave it a formal opening. The festival was started with the intention of boosting Gujarat's tourism economy by drawing in a large international audience. The Rann Utsav was originally a three-day event, but it has expanded to a 100-day celebration due to popular demand.

Things to Enjoy

Most of the festivities occur in the Kutch district cities of Bhuj and Dhordo, a tiny town. The following are some of the highlights of Rann Utsav 2022:

Experience the aura of the full moon: A truly breathtaking sight is the white expanse of Rann sparkling in the moonlight and the starlit sky. Make sure to seek the full moon dates when booking your Rann Utsav packages. Travelers can take advantage of a number of trips to explore Kutch's natural splendor.

Culture and Cuisine: Several artisan bazaars have been put up so that residents can display their unique ethnic arts and crafts. The delectable Kutch cuisine is available for tourists to sample at several eating halls and booths.

Folk Culture: The festival includes songs and dances from several cultures. The greatest times to listen to folk music are in the evenings and at night. It will always be enjoyable to gather around a bonfire in the moonlight. You will love to listen to the soothing music of Gujarati folk musicians.

Dhordo Tent City: Make reservations as soon as possible at the Tent City in Dhordo, which is close to the village. It is a temporary human colony with dining halls, a commercial center, an exhibition center, and tents with and without air conditioning and room heaters.

Shopping: Craft aficionados would adore shopping at Rann Utsav. Your bags will not be completely empty because Rann Utsav has so many lovely and appealing items. The exquisite handmade goods, include embellished crafts, Kutchi embroidery, Bandhani saris, folk fabrics, mirror crafts, wood carvings, silver jewelry, etc. You can gather a wide range of mementos here to take with you.

Nearby Villages: There will be numerous possibilities for sightseeing tours during Rann Utsav. In order to explore the charming tiny towns surrounding the city. Hodka and Lydia villages are two well-known tourist destinations. These towns are tribal communities that also house folk artists. So make sure to stop by these villages.

Camel Safaris and Cart Rides: You must decide between a camel safari and a camel cart ride if you want to explore the local villages and Kutch's tourist sites. Enjoying the journey in camel-drawn carts will always be a special memory. It will also bring back memories of riding in bullock carts back in the day.

How To Reach

You can reach Rann Utsav by 3 modes of transport;

By Air

Bhuj Airport is the closest airport to Kutch, and Ahmadabad Airport is a nearby international airport.

By Rail

The Bhuj railway station is the one that is closest to Kutch. It is well connected to all significant cities. Take the Deccan Odyssey train instead. It was created through a partnership between the State Government of Maharashtra and Indian Railways.

By Road

The best and most convenient method to get to Kutch is via road. Major nearby cities like Bhuj are well connected to Kutch. Therefore, getting to Kutch using ordinary buses or taxis will be simple.


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