Fascinating Places to visit in Qatar

One of the grand sporting spectacles is set to kick off in Qatar. FIFA World Cup 2022 is scheduled to commence on 20th November and last until 18 December 2022. The 22nd edition of the event, the first one in the Arab World, is hosting teams from 32 countries. For all the obvious reasons the places to visit in Qatar will be the centers of attention in the coming days.

Tourists flocking to Arab countries during the winter season are commonplace. With the World Cup happening, the steady flow of visitors to Qatar has been relentless. Apart from the teams from the thirty-two participating countries, fans and sports lovers from all over the world are queuing up. Certainly, Qatar is going to be a gigantic platform to accommodate them all. No wonder the country has been upbeat in planning and priming to live up to the expectations.

While visiting the country, you have appealing tourist activities as well to indulge in other than being glued to the sports alone. In recent years, Qatar has been one of the flourishing tourist destinations in the Arab world. The fascinating places to visit in Qatar are in the limelight.

Historic forts, souqs and heritage sights, stunning dunes and sea activities, and enthralling shopping centers, keep you engaged throughout your stay in Qatar.

Doha Corniche

Tipped to be one of the most vibrant places to visit in Qatar is located along the Doha Bay in the capital. The seven Kilometres stretch is a waterfront promenade that the locals and tourists frequent. When you visit the area by dusk, the spectacle unfolds in multi colors. People flock to the spot for jogging, cycling, casually walking, or sitting for long chats. Such has been the popularity of the spot; you will never see the Corniche area deserted in the evenings. Along the line, you can also visit different spots of interest like museums, hotels, resorts, and heritage sights.

The Museum of Islamic Art

The museum takes pride in displaying the largest collection of Islamic art in the world. If you were an art lover, you would not want to miss visiting this spot. The collections therein are from different continents and dates spanning between fourteen centuries.

Located at one end of the Corniche area, the museum draws attention from all corners. The sheer presence of the white, geometric patterns of the structure impresses you right away. And more so, once you are inside the museum. The adjacent MIA Park, Café and restaurant provide the perfect break at the end of the visit.

Ticket fee: Depends on your choices from the available options that include spots within and outside the museum area.

Qatar National Museum

Away from the frenzy of football mania, Qatar National Museum is another magnificent stopover for history aficionados. Opened for the public in 2019, it is located in the capital city of Doha. It is designed by architect Jean Nouvel. He drew the inspiration for the design from the desert rose crystal, which can be found in Qatar.

Forget about the aged, passive story of visiting a museum and seeing artifacts. NMoQ is an effervescent space of knowledge and information. For families visiting the museum, the experience can be entertaining and informative as well. Webinars, exhibitions, audio tours, and other activities keep you engaged.

The museum aims to edify visitors about the heritage, culture, and future of the country and its people. The intricate design and architecture of the museum are a pure wonder to admire.

Ticket fee: Depends on your choice of options available. In fact, the One Pass option that they suggest comes with versatile utilities. It can cost you between QAR199 to QAR 1999. And the package includes free entry to different museums, exhibitions, dining, and VIP lounges. How convenient, isn't it?

The Pearl

It is a scintillating artificial island. Ever since its inception, the hub has been a luxurious haven for tourists and locals to indulge in the extravaganza for the taking. Offering an ambiance resembling Venetian charm, the spot is a plush blend of delightful experiences for a traveler. People throng here for shopping and sightseeing, relaxation and entertainment, and for excellent dining areas.

High-end shopping experience and posh dwelling places with a sparkling setting comprising of artificial canals, the most modern amenities, and pedestrian-friendly piazzas, make it a favorite even among foreign nationals. Certainly, it is one of the best places to visit in Qatar.

The Doha Desert and Inland Sea

Touring an Arab country is incomplete without a desert safari. The charming stretch of the Doha desert is a captivating sight. Experiencing the beauty of it on the desert ride, which is safely facilitated by professional agencies.

The Inland Sea or Khor Al Adaid is a magnificent place where the white sand desert meets the blue sea. And the unique ecosystem is home to sea turtles, cormorants, flamingos, desert foxes, and the national animal of Qatar the Oryx. Renting out a 4X4, you can drive through the dune to witness the mesmerizing sight located near the border between Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

Souq Waqif and Falcon Souq

In between football matches, here is a great spot to embark on a shopping spree. Souq Waqif is a famous market complex in Doha. Numerous shops where you can choose spices, perfumes, architectural edifices, garments, and of course unique souvenirs. The souq is famous also for delicious food and shisha lounges.

Not far from Souq Waqif is Falcon Souq where a vast collection of falcon-related articles are on display. Have you seen falcons being trained? Well, here is your chance for the same.

Not just the matches of your favorite teams, you can also witness and explore fascinating places to visit in Qatar. State Grand Mosque, Al- Zubarah Fortress, Barzan Towers, Katara Mosque, Katara Cultural Village, and Sealine Beach Resort are some other places to visit in Qatar.



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