Ganga Mahotsav 2022 Celebrations at Varanasi

Hindus have long considered Varanasi (Kashi) to be the place for pilgrimage. Hindus are of the view that anyone who is blessed to leave his soul in Varanasi would be saved and released from the cycle of birth and rebirth. The origins of Varanasi, home to Lord Shiva and Parvati, are still a mystery. In Varanasi, the Ganges is thought to have the ability to wash mortal sins away.

The River Ganges has always been not only India's lifeblood but also its benefactor and the source of sustenance for Indian civilization. Even though the Hindus adore the Ganges, the river has historically defined the character of Indian culture as a whole, regardless of religion. It gives the people who reside in its kingdom a sense of distinct identity and belonging in addition to feeding them. An annual celebration known as “Ganga Mahotsav 2022” is celebrated to recognize the River Ganges' contribution.

Key Facts of Ganga Mahotsav 2022

An ode to Ganga – Ganga Mahotsav 2022, as it is sometimes referred to, is a five-day event with two goals. The first and foremost component is a way for man to express gratitude to the enduring and powerful river Ganges. And the second is a strategy for promoting the essence of the rivers' goodness. Of course, tourism is the tertiary effect. Every year, throughout November, from Prabodhani Ekadashi to Karthik Poornima, it is observed. Professional artists from all across the country get a platform to display their art forms, thanks to the Department of Tourism Uttar Pradesh. It is an attempt to showcase Varanasi's rich cultural legacy that has been carried down for decades to upcoming generations.

Celebration Time

Since Varanasi town's foundation, the annual Ganga Mahotsav celebration has taken place. Since that time, the festival has been observed annually according to the Hindu calendar on the Probodhani Ekadashi, which falls on the eleventh lunar day of the Kartika month. The event lasts five days, with the fifth day being designated as “Dev Deepavali.” Dev Deepavali is also known as Kartika Purnima and is referred to as full moon night.

Ship Mela

As a part of this Mahotsav, a Ship Mela is held every day. Craftsmen from all across the nation display their handmade goods at the Mela. It offers a wonderful chance to browse priceless artifacts.


The festival also includes many competitions, making the Ganga Mahotsav a celebration that even sportsmanship enthusiasts look forward to. The Mahotsav Samiti of the Tourism Department organizes sporting activities as a component of the Ganga Mahotsav. The activities include boat races, wrestling, kite flying, and the Ganga Marathon.

Cultural and Traditional Programs

During Ganga Mahotsav, the Ganges, the nation's lifeblood, is celebrated with exciting fervor. The festive gathering is graced by a variety of contests and cultural and traditional programs. The Jal Tarang performances at the Ganges River's banks stand out among these. When porcelain bowls are tuned with water, a sweet melody can be heard. The good times continue! There is enough to do at Ganga Mahotsav to keep you busy. Gandhi Shilp Bazaar allows you to spend hours shopping until you drop, so even compulsive shoppers would find it to be a continual escape.

It is the location where craftsmen from various parts of India showcase their finest handmade goods. In the morning, devotees do Surya Namaskar in the holy Ganges before lighting diyas and singing hymns of worship to God. Traditional boat races and Indian-style wrestling are organized by the Mahotsav Samiti of the Tourism Department. Last but not least, the Ganga Mahotsav Festival will provide you with a great musical evening as numerous folk and cultural performers grace the festival evenings for 5 days. On the final day of Ganga Mahotsav, rangolis, earthen lamps, and flower petals are created, and the evening celebrates the festival's conclusion with fireworks and mantra chanting.

A moment of silence is observed; separate from these occasions of joy, in memory of all the martyrs who lost their lives in defense of our nation. At the Dashashwamedh Ghat, wreaths are positioned at the Amar Gate. The military then performs the last post, which is followed by an aerial fireworks display. The energy of the atmosphere illuminates the entire sky.

This Mahotsav has a great deal of grandeur and spirituality linked to it, making it more than just a tourist attraction. There is nowhere else you could go if you wanted a deep experience besides this city of “MOKSHA.”

Significance of Ganga Mahotsav 2022

The word “Ganga,” which appears in the festival's name, is significant. This sacred river is thought to have facilitated and sustained Indian civilization. The holy Ganges has nourished Varanasi from this religious site's founding, according to Hindu texts. As a result, the event held on its Ghats has a significant spiritual meaning. When viewed through a cultural lens, Ganga Mahotsav can be seen as a celebration of the stories and mythology surrounding the Ganges in Varanasi.

 During Ganga Mahotsav, all devotees congregate at various Ghats to see the spiritual and cultural fervor. When viewed from a different angle, clay lamps are lit to drive out the evil that resides inside us. In more eloquent terms, Ganga Mahotsav symbolizes the triumph of light over darkness, serenity over sadness, and goodness over evil.


The most well-known Ganga Mahotsav 2022 legends are from Hindu writings. It claims that the Ganga Mahotsav fell on the day that the Gods visited the world and took a dip in the Ganges in Varanasi. Another legend associated with Ganga Mahotsav claims that Lord Shiva destroyed the Tripuasur monster on this day, giving rise to the name Dev Deepavali.

How to reach Ganga Mahotsav 2022?

From Delhi and other major cities and towns, there are three methods to go to Varanasi. The following are the three modes of transportation:

By Air: Lal Bahadur Shastri International Airport is 24 kilometers away and is the closest airport to Varanasi (approx.). It has strong connections to important Indian towns and cities

By Train: Varanasi has a dedicated train station that serves the city. With the rest of India, it is well connected.

By Road: Take the Agra-Lucknow Expressway from Delhi and you may reach Varanasi in less than 14 hours (approx.). Delhi to Varanasi is at a distance of 865 kilometers (approx.). However, there are excellent road connections between Varanasi and Gorakhpur, Lucknow, and Allahabad. Regular buses travel to and from Varanasi the area. To go to Varanasi, you can also self-drive your automobile.

Ganga Mahotsav 2022 is a much-awaited celebration every year and is considered bliss.


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