Top 7 River Cruises in India

Tourism in India nowadays is not confined to train or flight journeys. Cruises, especially river cruises in India, are gaining popularity among travelers. The experience of enjoying the vivid beauty of nature while floating along the river is truly bliss. Who wants to miss such a captivating opportunity? And the good news is that there are incredible river cruises in India, offering a breathtaking experience of a memorable journey. The best part is these cruises are present in different parts of India – east, west, north, and south. Such is the magnificence of this country, wrapped with rich flora and diversity.

Let us now check out the top 7 river cruises in India, which you can opt to book and spend a vacation – solo or with family and friends.

Sunderbans river cruise

One of the adventurous river cruises in India, for observing the Royal Bengal tiger of India. You will love to meander along the Malta river across the dense mangrove forests. The entire route is picturesque and enriched with exotic flora and fauna. Varied species of animals and birds will greet you throughout the duration of the cruise. Bee-eaters, herons, kingfishers, and kites are common sights along with deer, monkeys, otters, crocodiles, wild hogs, and snakes. The elegant and stunning views of the Sunderbans are a perfect treat to the eyes.

The cruise starts from Godkhali and provides all the modern and luxurious amenities and facilities for the guests. It has a gym, an ayurvedic spa, and treatment facilities. Besides the onboard hospitality is excellent with a library, bar, and rooms with attached bathrooms, tea and coffee maker, telephone, and reading arenas.

Tariff: The cruise is for 2 Nights and 3 Days, starting from INR 4000 per person onwards

Mandovi river cruise

Mandovi is one of the primary rivers of Goa. River cruising along it forms parts of the Goa tourism facilities. It is one of the most beautiful river cruises in India. You will love the soothing breeze while cruising on the river, while at the same time immersing in the vivacious landscape around you. The key attractions of the journey are a trip passing by the islands of Chorao and Divar.

The two cruise ships that operate along the river are Shantadurga and Santa Monica. The journey starts from the Santa Monica jetty from where you can purchase the tickets. Onboard, they entertain the guests with the traditional and lively folk songs and dances of Goa. Besides, mouth-watering local delicacies are served with some cool drinks.

Tariff: Between INR 300 and INR 400 per person

Dibru – Saikhowa river cruise

Dibru – Saikhowa is a spectacular stretch of area, encompassed with waters from the rivers Brahmputra and Dibru, and dense grasslands. The region is located towards the eastern side of Assam. Cruising across the area is indeed an incredible experience, and perfect for nature lovers. The key attraction of the place is the famous Gangetic river dolphins and several species of birds including migratory birds. You will love to see the varied ranges of orchids present along the marshy lands. Another prominent part of the cruise is the journey crossing the Dibru-Saikhowa national park, quite popular among wildlife enthusiasts and bird watchers.

The cruise offers all the modern amenities and facilities onboard. The food and drinks served are quite delicious and sumptuous. The guests are kept entertained on deck, an overall incredible experience.

Tariff: Starting from INR 1200 per person

Ganges Heritage river cruise

One of the exotic river cruises in India, traversing along phenomenal spots and providing an amazing experience. There are various options for cruises available in the Ganges. You can opt for one day cruise, a five-day cruise, or less than that. Cruises are present for only, prominent places of along the banks of the river, or even extending to Varanasi. The ambiance of the river, with its vastness and the scenic landscape along its banks, is a treat to the eyes.

The heritage cruises operating are luxurious and packed with all the modern amenities. They have comfortable and stylish rooms with authentic and royal decor and charm. The hospitality of the staff is amazing with excellent on-board services. There is a gym, massage parlor, library, reading arena, tea, and coffee maker. The food available is delectable and mouth-watering, providing a wonderful experience for the guests.

Tariff: Starting from INR 1500 per person

Mangalore river cruise

Mangalore river cruise offers the ultimate experience on the pristine waters of the river Phalguni. If you want to spend a weekend amid a soothing atmosphere, then it is one of the preferred river cruises in India to enjoy and have fun. The journey starts from the New Mangalore port and cruises down the river, bringing in a serene ambiance and a perfect environment for relaxation.

The cruise has two decks – the lower one is for fun and enjoyment where you can shake your legs with some peppy Bollywood songs while munching some delicious snacks and relishing drinks. The upper deck has a restaurant and also areas for recreation. You can enjoy some lips-smacking seafood dishes on the upper deck.

Tariff: Approximately INR 800 for two persons

Yanam river cruise

Yanam river is a tributary of the majestic river Godavari and is well known for its exotic landscape bordering its banks. Cruising along the Yanam river is truly a delight, witnessing the line of coconut trees surrounding the river banks and the beauty of the backwaters. The spectacular views throughout the journey keep the energy alive and active, especially in the fishermen's villages. The best part of the trip is when it ventures into the confluence with the Bay of Bengal, a fabulous display of the mix of turquoise and grey waters.

The cruise provides all the modern facilities while serving local South Indian dishes.

Tariff: Starting from INR 500

Brahmaputra river cruise

Brahmaputra river is an important river spanning through the northeastern part of India and Bangladesh. The landscape along its banks is wrapped with incredible flora and fauna. You will love to board a cruise and sail along the river while immersing yourself in the exotic landscape around you. The journey crosses the Kaziranga national park, offering the guests some exotic views of the dense forests. The route starts from Guwahati and ends at Jorhat via Silghat, Majuli, and Sibsagar.

The cruise has all the modern amenities to offer to the guests along with nature's marvelous view. The food served at the deck is delicious and definitely not to miss the hot brewing Assam tea.

Tariff: Starting from INR 350



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