5 Prominent Night Treks in India

This is an article for adventure enthusiasts and trekkers, specially dedicated to those who love to go beyond normal life and cheerfully accept to brave the odds. But it's not about day trekking, it's about night trekking. And to be more precise I will be sharing key facts and information on 5 prominent night treks in India. Traversing across mountain trails or forest trails during the night under the moonlight and twinkling stars is a different experience altogether. There are various types of night treks in India, both for expert professionals and amateurs.

Let's check out the prominent night treks in India.

Mcleodganj to Lahesh

The state of Himachal Pradesh is enriched with nature's bountiful beauty, spread across its picturesque landscape. It offers a plethora of opportunities for adventure and thrill and more importantly a perfect place to experience one of the best night treks in India. The region between Mcleodganj and Lahesh offer some splendid options for trekking. Here are the options for you:

  1. The intriguing Daikund peak trail, amid meandering roads and dense forestation surrounding it
  2. The trek to Chamera lake, filled with sparkling water streams and a vast sky above
  3. A walk along the steps to reach the Bhagsunath Falls encompassed by the flowing water stream, rich flora, and pristine hamlets

You will love the mix of spirituality and fun mixed in each of the treks, a way to enchant and enthrall yourselves within the vicinity of nature. The difficulty level of the treks is moderate and the best time to visit is between March and June.

Dhotrey – Tonglu Trek

Dhotrey is a spectacular place in , near Darjeeling. There are various options for trekking at Dhotrey even at night. The entire area falls around the famous Singalila National Park. The trek to Maneybhanjyang is one of the most popular night treks in India in this region. You will love to watch the pine trees, the green hillocks, the flower gardens, the little hamlets, and the hillside cafes throughout the trekking pathways. The landscape and the scenic views are perfect to create an enchanting atmosphere, an ideal environment for a night trek.

The difficulty level of the trek is moderate and the best time to visit is between September and December.

Rajmachi Trek

If you want to experience one of the breathtaking night treks in India, then you must visit Rajmachi in Maharashtra. It's a quaint village, wrapped with natural beauty, and located close to the popular hill stations Lonavala and Karjat. You will love to traverse the steep valleys while immersing yourself in the marvel of the mountains and dense trees around. The special attraction in this trek is the serenity prevailing in the Rajmachi village.

There are two routes for the trekkers – either starting from the Lonavala side or from the Karjat side, but both ways you need to start from the base village of Udhewadi. Do not miss camping at the Manranjan fort and enjoy a candle light dinner with your beloved if you are traveling with your partner.

The difficulty level of the trek is moderate and the best time to visit is between March and June.

Anthargange Trek

If you love to explore caves and try out rock climbing, then ideally you must go for the Anthargange trek in Karnataka. It is one of the most adventurous night treks in India. The place is located at a distance of 65 km from Bengaluru, filled with boulders. The entire trekking journey comprises of rock climbing, crossing rocky paths, crawling to reach the caves, and even chimney climbing. The landscape is attributed with volcanic rock formation with boulders and mazed pathways.

The distance of the trek is almost 3 km, surrounded by splendid views of the mountains. Initially the trek is easy to achieve but it goes on more tougher and challenging as the journey moves onwards. The climate here is suitable to be visited throughout the year.

Harishchandragad Trek

Harishchandragad trek in Maharashtra is considered one of the thrilling and difficult night treks in India. If you are an expert hiker or trekker, you will definitely love this journey, perfect for adventure lovers. The diversity experienced throughout the journey is amazing, wrapped with exotic flora and fauna. Besides, the view points along the trek further magnifies the thrill, especially Konkan Kada and Taramati. The gorgeous valleys, lush greenery, and the hills are a treat to the eyes. Also you can experience caves and temples in the route and can camp at the site. The environment and the challenge in the route are quite enticing for experienced trekking professionals.

The trek is difficult and not recommended for beginners. There are dense forests, swampy areas, vast stretches of lands, and rough terrains to cover in the journey. The best time to visit is between March and June.

Although there are few more night treks in India, but to my opinion these 5 are the best among all. Do try out and share your experience.



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