Hornbill Festival 2022 in Nagaland, India

The Indian Hornbill, the state bird of Nagaland, inspired the festival's name. The bird with the same name, the hornbill, inspired the name of the Nagaland festival. For a very long time, the Indian tribal festivities have been symbolized by a depiction of a hornbill bird. There is no denying the importance of agriculture to the Naga people in Nagaland. The Naga people believe that agriculture should be worshipped and celebrated because it supports the majority of the state's inhabitants. And it is for this reason that only they observe the Hornbill festival, a happy expression of the same idea.

The primary goals of the Hornbill Festival 2022 Nagaland are to foster cultural harmony and engagement between various tribes. It honors the distinctive customs and culture of the Naga people. The lively celebrations are distinguished by delectable food, traditional music, handmade crafts, rice beer, and much more to amuse the participants and the visitors.

Date and timings for Hornbill Festival 2022

The dates for the 2022 Hornbill Festival will fall between December 1 and 10, just like they do every year. The locals take part in the event to promote and protect their unique tribes and traditions.

The festival will take place in Kisma, close to Kohima.

Event Schedule

One of the most well-known festivals in India is the Hornbill Festival, which is observed with opulence and splendor. It takes place in the state of Nagaland every December. The Hornbill Festival is a must-see if you're searching for a joyful and entertaining event to attend. To find out more about the event's full itinerary, scroll down.

9 a.m. People begin to assemble at the festival site in the morning to take in the splendor of this spectacular Hornbill festival.

12 p.m. Around noon, everyone indulges in delectable cuisine and snacks. The competitors take a brief break to refuel with the delicious food.

2 p.m. People are known to move to various stalls and activity areas at this time of day in preparation for talent hunt rounds.

5 p.m. When individuals can indulge in rice beer and delicious evening munchies, this is the moment they look forward to the most. The incredible Hornbill National Concert follows this.

Ticket Price

If you want to go to the event, you must buy entry tickets. The price is in the 20–30 INR range. If you are an international visitor, you must register with the district's FRO (Foreigners Registration Office). If you are a domestic tourist, you require inner-line authorization from the local government.

Please be aware that there is an additional fee of INR 50 for cameras.

Significance of the Great Hornbill Festival

In India, the great hornbill serves as the national bird of Kerala and Arunachal Pradesh. In Nagaland's indigenous traditions, the Great Indian Hornbill is likewise revered. The Hornbill Festival is held each year from December 1 through December 10 to remember this. It was initially seen in 2000.

However, it is this respect that has put the Great Hornbill's population in danger. These birds' heads and beaks are worn as headpieces and charms, and their flesh is thought to have medicinal qualities. Feathers and skulls are additional decorations worn by tribesmen in Nagaland and other regions of Northeast India. Among the Naga tribes, there are different festivities that would be lacking without a hornbill feather.

Illegal logging is another factor contributing to the population decline. Conservation initiatives have tried to offer feathers from captive birds and porcelain casques to replace the original ones in an effort to protect the Great Indian Hornbill's fragile population.

History of the festival

This festival is annually planned by the State Tourism and Art and Culture Department of Nagaland. The event was first conducted in 2000, and ever since then, Nagaland has celebrated it every year.

The festival is attended by people who travel from all around the country since it has achieved such great success.

In Naga Heritage Village, 12 kilometers outside Kohima, the state capital, the Hornbill Festival will take place once more. The locals take part in the event to promote and maintain their unique tribes and traditions.

Prominent attractions at the festival

Along with other standout attractions, the festival offers a wide range of traditional music and dance performances. If this intrigues you, mate, scroll down right away to learn more!

1. Sneak a Peek at the Exhibition of Tribal Art– There are many things at the week-long festival that will catch your interest. The exhibition features various works, including paintings, sculptures, woodcarvings, handmade goods, and much more. Additionally, there is a ton of merchandise on display for sale that visitors can purchase for their own use or as mementos.

2. Entertainment and cultural events– The festival offers a lot more to you than only events that promote awareness and traditional culture. Several folk music and dance acts are planned to amuse visitors from all over the nation. The festival draws crowds with its ethnic food and traditional sports competitions in addition to its cultural presentations.

3. Hornbill Night -The “hornbill night,” when the entire tribe joins together to sing and dance around a bonfire, is the festival's high point. The event serves as a time for joy, introspection, and prayers for a fruitful new year. People set aside their differences and gathered together as a single community during this time. The Hornbill Festival is a one-of-a-kind and exceptional occasion that must not be missed.

4. The Naga Cuisine – The event goes above and above to introduce guests to the mouthwatering flavors of the region. It emphasizes must-try traditional dishes including Rosep Aon (a dish made with a combination of vegetables, dried fish, and bamboo shoots), Galho (a soup made with rice, vegetables, and pork), and Hinkejvu (a dish made with regional ingredients like mustard leaves, colocasia, and shredded cabbage).

How to Reach?

Kohima is the ideal location for a restful vacation because it is surrounded by stunning natural scenery, imposing hills, and peaceful views. Shilloi Lake, Naga Heritage Village, Kohima Zoo, Kohima Museum, and Khonoma Village are a few of the most popular tourist attractions in Kohima.

The best routes to get here are listed here, and there are many handy ways to do so.

The closest significant city is Imphal.

The nearest Airport is Dimapur

The proximate railway station is Dimapur Railway Station

The road Distance from Imphal is 219 km.


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