7 Best Places to Visit in Manipur

Manipur wonderfully fits the bill on the carousel of new and thrilling experiences that travel offers. Imphal, the nation's capital, is located in a flat valley encircled by hills that reach Myanmar. The inconspicuous city homes, the vast and historic Kangla area, the WWII Imphal War Cemetery, and the Indo-Japanese Peace Memorial at Red Hill are some of the best places to visit in Manipur.

Once you leave Imphal, the landscape drastically changes. At every curve in the road, dense, exciting green hills crash into one another. There are numerous options available. Visit the mysterious monoliths in the breathtaking mountain village of Willong Khullen, take a stroll through the historic village of Andro in the lovely Senthi Natural Park, go boating on the unusual Loktak Lake, the lake of floating islands, check out the INA War Museum in Moirang, or spend the evening at Imphal's renowned Rita Café while listening to live Manipuri music.

Places to visit in Manipur

Below listed are the best places to visit in Manipur.

Singda Dam

The Singda Dam, the tallest mud dam in the world, lies 16 kilometers from Imphal, the state's capital tops the list of Places to visit in Manipur. The route to the dam is picturesque, with hills covered in lush greenery and rice fields in the distance. It is a popular picnic and hiking location because of the stunning vistas and relative peace there.

The lake made by the dam is calm and pleasant, inspiring a sense of tranquility inside. The dam is a multipurpose irrigation project that is 920 meters above sea level and overlooks a beautiful lake.

Shri Govindajee Temple

One of the most popular places to visit in Manipur is the Shri Govindajee Temple, which lies close to the royal palace. The beautifully contrasted golden twin-domed temple, which is dedicated to Shri Govindajee and erected in the Nagara architectural style, also has the idols of other Hindu deities, such as Lord Krishna, Lord Jagannath, Lord Balaram, Goddess Radha, Goddess Balabhadra, and Goddess Subhadra.

The white temple building exudes majesty and was formerly the religious hub of the Vaishnavites. The finest time to visit the temple is in the early morning when the morning aarti ceremony is performed with folk music in devotion to the goddesses. This location's tranquility offers the perfect environment for meditation.

Loktak Lake

Loktak Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in India, is one of the most lovely spots to visit in Manipur. It is situated in the Imphal Valley, some 50 kilometers from Imphal, the state's capital. The lake offers unmatched panoramic splendor and is a definite must-see, along with Sendra Island, a floating island constructed of biological garbage.

The adjacent fishing towns rely on a number of additional floating islands on the lake as a supply of food. Although the government is taking steps to conserve and maintain these riches in the ecosystem, the lake has recently been shrinking as a result of careless human encroachment.

Kangla Fort

Kangla Fort is a well-known tourist destination in Manipur. It is held in a special place of veneration by the locals since it represents the state's glory and rich historical heritage. This historic capital, which served as Manipur's administrative center until 1891, is a brilliant illustration of the several kings that ruled this enchanted country. The people of Manipur, their way of life, culture, and traditions are also reflected in it.

The fort, which is in the center of Imphal, once lined both banks of the River Imphal, but as time has passed, only a few ruins can be seen on the western end of the river bank. It still contains a few shrines today, which are revered by residents of neighboring northeastern states.

Imphal Valley

When visiting Manipur, the Imphal Valley, an oval-shaped canyon, is a breathtaking sight. As a result of multiple little rivers draining their water here, it was formed. These rivers, which include the River Iril, Imphal, Khuga, Thoubal, and Sekmai, are mostly fed by the hills in the area.

Nearly a tenth of the state of Manipur's total land, or 1843 sq km, is taken up by the vast valley. Visitors sometimes combine this excursion with a tour of this valley's southern region, which has a number of lakes and wetlands. The Palace of Kangla, the Polo Ground, and the Manipur State Museum are just a few of the man-made and natural attractions in the Imphal Valley.

Shirui Kashung

The rare Shirui Lily, the state flower of Manipur, is found in the gorgeous Shirui Hills, which are a component of the famed Shiri-Kashong range. The pinkish-white beauties only bloom in one location, the Shirui Hill Range, and only for a brief period each year beginning in the middle of May.

The Royal Horticultural Society gave this unusual flower one of their coveted awards when it was presented at one of their London flower displays, among other honors. Thousands of different flowering plants, including orchids, rhododendrons like Horamwon, Sirawon, Shirungwon, Khongwon, Phanwon, and Tipkhawon, as well as natural herbs, adorn these mountains in addition to the Shirui Lily.

Santhei Natural Park

Santhei Natural Park, one of the most significant tourist destinations in Manipur, is a popular destination for both residents and visitors. People are commonly spotted lounging in the park's emerald foliage or taking in the picturesque surroundings while having a quiet family picnic.

To protect the environment and promote the wise use of natural resources, the community rose forward to help create this park. Residents of Andro built a reservoir in the foothills first, then expanded the Santhei Natural Park there. Here, a man-made dam has been constructed to provide for local water needs while also enhancing the area's natural beauty.

If you want to experience the best of your time in Manipur, visit the places in Manipur and enjoy your travel.


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