8 Famous Suspension Bridges in India

Gifted with skilled and talented designers, engineers and architects; India marvels in possessing magnificent suspension bridges created over water bodies. I had the privilege of visiting many of them. Today I wanted to detour your minds from a regular hill station or a beach travelogue to some of the famous suspension bridges in India.

The amazing part of the construction of the suspension bridges in India is their establishment over perilous regions tough to cross by humans. They have immensely benefitted people in various remote areas allowing access to the world beyond.

Howrah Bridge

I could not control myself in mentioning Howrah Bridge first in the list. Located in the eastern part of India in , ; I have a lot of childhood memories associated with it. Now the reason I stay in Kolkata, the biased effect is much more.

It is one of the oldest suspension bridges in India, dated back to 1943. Created over the vast and wide River Hoogly; the bridge is the pride and prestige of Bengal. Thousands of vehicles of various sizes ply over the bridge every day. The best part is to visit the bridge at sunset; watch the golden rays creating a gorgeous aura in the horizon.

Vidyasagar Setu

I need one more excuse to be pardoned on mentioning Vidyasagar Setu as second in my list. Its an iconic landmark bridge in Kolkata paired with Howrah Bridge. According to me, it is one of the beautiful suspension bridges in India. For me, the bridge is phenomenal. It used to be my regular route of travel in my Engineering college days.

The bridge was inaugurated in 1992 and connects various parts of the city and its outskirt locations. It is one of the longest bridges in India; supported by cables. The river Hoogly flows underneath it. Over 85,000 vehicles can ply over the bridge along its 6 lanes. In the city, people flock mostly to Prinsep Ghat to watch the stunning view of the bridge at sunset.

Bandra Worli Sea Link

Memory is afresh the time I crossed over the Bandra Worli sea link on December, 2019 with my family. A whooping long bridge constructed over the Arabian Sea. It is one of the splendid and longest cable suspended bridges in India.

The bridge is situated in the western part of India in Mumbai, Maharashtra. The best part of the bridge is the way the link curves over the sea waters. You can view the Mumbai skyline as you travel across the bridge lanes. At daytime, it is enthralling to watch the marvellous artistic work of the bridge. At night the sparkling lights create a vibrant environment all around.

Coronation Bridge

In the list next, I want to mention about Coronation Bridge in Siliguri, West Bengal. It is not majestic if you compare it with the other majestic bridges in India. Yet its simplicity and the serene environment encircling it, is worth a visit.

The history of its establishment dates back to the British era in India. The name Coronation has been showered on it to commemorate the coronation ceremony of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth. The bridge is one of the visited spots in the Darjeeling district; contributed to its lust greenery and the gurgling sounds of the River Teesta flowing beneath it.

Godavari Arch Bridge

The bridge is Asia's longest arch bridge and is a pride of India. You will be fascinated to watch the numerous arches; that run sequentially on the lines of the bridge. It is an exemplary creation by the architects, designers and engineers of India.

The Arch bridge is located in the state of Andhra Pradesh, the southern part of India. The beautiful River Godavari flows beneath it. The main purpose of the bridge is to facilitate rail travels with ease and convenience. The arches prevent the bridge from being affected and destroyed by the cyclones; a common phenomenon in the area.

Jadukata Bridge

The state of Meghalaya in the north-eastern part of India is renowned for its immense natural wonders. Yet among them, an artificial engineering marvel has earned precedence. If you ever visit Jadukata Bridge, you will be spellbound to watch the creation.

It is one of the ravishing bridges in India; standing high over the River Kynshi or Jadukata. The view from the bridge is incredible; the enchanting West Khasi Hills and the dense forests wrapping it from all the sides.

Mahatma Gandhi Setu

Mahatma Gandhi Setu is a spectacular engineering establishment in Bihar, the eastern part of India. Named after the Father of our nation Gandhiji; it is an engineering and architectural wonder. The bridge started functioning in the year 1982 after 10 long years of construction.

Every day, thousands of vehicles and pedestrians cross the bridge connecting Patna and Hajipur. The India Postal department has declared to print a stamp with the setu image.

Bogibeel Bridge

It is one of the marvellous railway bridges in India. Located in the state of Assam, the north-eastern part of India; the bridge is the longest one in India for the railways.

The vast River Brahmaputra flows beneath it. At night the view of the bridge is superb; lights illuminating the area and transforming the environment into the world of magic. The lights reflect on the river waters, offering a mystic view to the surroundings.

There are many more bridges in India, the list can go on. Yet I will like to take a pause and will like to know about your experience in visiting bridges in different parts of the world.



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    The is amazing , my first time to know about this wow. why was all the bridge suspended?

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      thats the mechanism you need to apply when constructed over rivers

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    Bogibeel bridge looks amazing! I hope to see it one day. I think I saw some already on this list.

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    I really feel proud being in a country where such great bridges are made over rivers!! Great post!!

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